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What is a QEP?

A Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) sets goals for student learning and outlines steps the university will take to reach them.

Why does UAB need a QEP?

Every 10 years, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) evaluates UAB to ensure that it is meeting the highest educational standards. Passing the evaluation means that UAB maintains its regional accreditation, which is the SACSCOC certification of quality. As part of the process, UAB must evaluate itself to measure how well it meets SACSCOC standards and develop a QEP that focuses on enhancing student learning.

What is in UAB’s QEP?

UAB’s QEP describes a Shared Vision for every UAB graduate, regardless of his or her field of study. The QEP promotes the following strengths, each essential for success in work and life:

  • effective communication skills;
  • depth and breadth of knowledge;
  • experience with problem-solving; and
  • the ability to make informed, ethical decisions and be prepared for responsible citizenship in the community, nation, and world.
The QEP also explains what UAB will do to ensure that students develop those core competencies. In short, UAB plans to build upon its achievements and advantages by enhancing learning throughout the entire undergraduate curriculum, with a strong initial focus on writing, quantitative literacy, and ethics and civic responsibility.

Why are the QEP recommendations important?

The QEP’s focus on learning will help ensure that UAB students are prepared to meet the challenges of a changing world. The QEP’s recommendations highlight the competencies essential for academic success, professional achievement, and personal fulfillment.

Who designed UAB’s QEP?

Brainstorming on UAB’s QEP began even before the formal establishment in 2004 of a committee of UAB faculty, staff, and students. This committee surveyed faculty, students, alumni, parents of current students, advisors, administrators, employees, and student affairs staff for their input. They also reviewed best practices in place at other universities and collaborated with expert consultants to develop the plan.

How will the QEP affect me?

Fully implementing the QEP will take several years, so over time you will see these changes to the undergraduate curriculum:

  • Freshmen will read an annually selected Discussion Book that provides the focus for Freshman Discussion Groups the day before fall term begins and for relevant activities scheduled through the year.
  • Improved advising and registration procedures will enhance your orderly progression through academic coursework.
  • Freshman composition and basic math courses are being restructured to increase student engagement and academic performance.
  • Freshman learning communities will offer an enriched First-Year Experience through linked, interdisciplinary courses based on a shared theme and supported by special co-curricular activities.
  • Core curriculum courses will become more integrated with courses in your major to promote a more coherent educational experience.
  • A senior capstone course or experience will become part of every major to synthesize what you have studied at UAB.

Where can I get more information about the QEP?

UAB’s QEP is already impacting your education and will benefit you far into the future.  If you have further questions about it, contact Vice Provost for Student and Faculty Success at VPSFS@uab.edu.

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