Undergraduate Curriculum Changes

  • Freshmen will read an annually selected Discussion Book that provides the focus for Freshman Discussion Groups the day before fall term begins and for relevant activities scheduled through the year.
  • Improved advising and registration procedures will enhance your orderly progression through academic coursework.
  • Restructured freshman composition and basic math courses will increase student engagement and academic performance.
  • Freshman learning communities will offer an enriched First-Year Experience through linked, interdisciplinary courses based on a shared theme and supported by special co-curricular activities.
  • Core curriculum courses will become more integrated with courses in your major to promote a more coherent educational experience.
  • Specific courses will include more specific instruction in and/or practice of writing, quantitative literacy, or ethics and civic responsibility.
  • A senior capstone course or experience will become part of every major to synthesize what you have studied at UAB.

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