FLC General Learning Outcomes

Some FLCs include a Freshman Seminar anchor course on the FLC theme, English Composition, and a core math or science class. Some FLCs link to a fourth or even fifth class.  Faculty work together to create an integrated curriculum with some overlapping readings, discussions, and/or assignments.  School-specific or major-specific FLCs vary more widely in their format, but they too ease the transition to college and provide community-building opportunities. In addition to specific course outcomes for for each linked course, all FLCs share the following general learning outcomes in the QEP targeted competencies:

Writing Learning Outcomes -- Students can

  1. Respond to an assigned topic.
  2. Write an essay that makes an unambiguous claim, is supported by reasonable and appropriate evidence, and is directed towards an identified audience.
  3. Incorporate relevant external sources and demonstrate academic integrity by documenting such sources accurately and appropriately.
  4. Exhibit competence in grammar, usage, and mechanics.

Quantitative Literacy Learning Outcomes -- Students can

  1. Use multiple formats, including verbal, symbolic, visual and numerical, to present information.
  2. Interpret mathematical representations, such as formulas, graphs, tables and diagrams, in order to draw valid inferences from them.

Ethics and Civic Responsibility Learning Outcomes -- Students can

  1. Accept and adhere to the UAB Academic Honor Code.
  2. Identify their rights and responsibilities as students in the university.
  3. Accept responsibility for the ethical consequences of personal choices, statements, and actions.
  4. Participate knowledgeably and respectfully in discussions about contemporary social, political, and ethical issues. 
  5. Engage responsibly in social action, volunteer services, and/or civic activities.

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