2011 Freshman Learning Communities

Business Today: This FLC will enable entering students to understand the breadth of business opportunities and careers as well as assist in their transition to college and the School of Business through the inclusion of the Freshman Year Experience (FYE).  This FLC includes BUS 101 Introduction to Business, BUS 110 Essentials of Financial Literacy, and THR 100 Introduction to Theatre. 

Consumers Beware:  Who is Influencing Your Behavior?:  This FLC will examine how marketing strategies target different groups of consumers to influence their buying behavior.  What are companies trying to get you to buy and are their methods successful?  Students will look at marketing theories, research, consumer psychology, ethics, and current practices in business.   This FLC includes LCB 105 Consumers Beware, BUS 101 Introduction to Business, and ANTH 101 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology. 

Critical Thinking and the Freshman Experience (3 sections): This FLC provides students with the foundation for collegiate success by strengthening critical thinking, problem solving, and decision making skills.  Curriculum includes reviewing a range of study and learning techniques appropriate to different students and learning to efficiently and accurately communicate data using charts, graphs, and tables. This FLC includes UNIV 101 The University Experience and EH 091 Intro to College English or EH 101 English Comp I.

Dollars and Sense: An Introduction to Business, Economics, and Personal Finance : This FLC will take a practical approach to introducing students to the very real issue of managing their finances in the college environment by engaging them in creating a lifetime financial plan as well as participating in a service learning project.  Topics of this course include financial literacy and the mathematics of money. This FLC includes LCB 101  Dollars and Sense, BUS 101 Introduction to Business, & SOC 100 Introduction to Sociology.  

Engage in Blazer Engineering  (Engineering majors only) (three sections): This FLC is required for all entering freshmen in the School of Engineering (with the exception of University Honors students) as essential preparation for any of the engineering disciplines.  Students gain a sound foundation in the academic skills, professional ethics, and teamwork necessary for success in the classroom and at work.  Curriculum includes an engineering design team project.  This FLC includes EGR 110 Introduction to Engineering and ME 102 Engineering Graphics.  Learning communities formed during fall semester will stay together during spring semester as students complete EGR 111 Introduction to Engineering II.

I Lead:  Accessing Your Leadership Potential:  This FLC will examine qualities of effective leaders and how leadership skills can affect everything from your personal relationships to your career development.  Students will develop their own leadership goals and show specific plans to achieve these goals.  Self assessment tools will be used in this course to help students identify what type of leadership qualities and characteristics they have. This FLC includes LCB 103 I Lead: Assessing Leadership Potential, BUS 101 Introduction to Business, and HY 120 The United States to 1877.

Justice for All: This FLC will expose students to the governments, political institutions and justice systems around the world today.  Students will learn and compare the various paradigms from which nations define the rights of human beings, how governments protect their citizens and how nations define social control in the post 911 world.  In addition, topics such as cultural geography, human trafficking, terrorism, communism, political corruption, international and transnational crimes will be studied.  This FLC includes JS 115 Comparative Criminal Justice System, and EH 101 English Comp I.

The Green Revolution: What is the price paid for our disconnection from the natural world? What are the most effective methods for ensuring future harmony with the environment?  Find whether you are part of the problem or part of the solution by writing about works by writers who draw inspiration from nature; observation and examination of a few selected (locally accessible) locales; practice identifying native plant and animal species; and research/writing about such pertinent issues as sustainability, climate change, recycling, and future models for human/natural cohabitation.  This FLC includes LCH 107 Freshman Seminar: Green Revolution, EH 101 English Comp I, and ANTH 101 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology.

The Politics of Virtue in Western Civilization: This FLC employs Reacting to the Past simulation pedagogy to engage students through elaborate role-playing and close reading of primary texts.  The curriculum consists of two "Reacting to the Past" simulations: The Threshold of Democracy, Athens in 403 B.C. and Rousseau Burke & Revolution in France, 1791.  If you enjoy a challenge and want a fun and unique learning experience, then sign up for this FLC, which includes LCS 108 Freshman Seminar: Politics of Virtue in Western Civilization and HY 102 Western Civilization II.

World Cultures: A Globally Focused Community: This Freshman Learning Community is designed for all students interested in studying languages, providing an integrated experience in the study of foreign cultures, the production of language, and communication in a global context. Additionally, the student will be introduced to both UAB and the larger international community since partnerships and connections will benefit them as they matriculate through their academic coursework in Foreign Languages and Literatures.  This FLC includes  CAS 109 Success in World Cultures and Foreign Languages, and FLL 120 Foreign Cultures.

Freshman Learning Communities with enrollment limited to Experiential-Learning Scholars Program (ELSP) students

Impacting Community Through Service Learning:  This FLC is a hands-on experiential study of the helping professions in the classroom and through on-going service within the community through community agencies.  Curriculum introduces sociological connections between race, class, and other social identities of gender, age, and ability.  Students are introduced to basic skills in counseling, crisis intervention, and working with special populations. This FLC includes LCSL 101 Freshmen Seminar: Impacting Community through Service Learning and SOC 100 Introduction to Sociology.

Impacting Community through Telling a Story:  This FLC is designed to help students develop  tools and techniques to enhance their communications about their experiential and academic learning over time.  Students will participate in projects designed to help them think more deeply about their interests, goals, and values and how these relate to their roles as citizens not only of their local community (such as UAB) but also of the increasingly interconnected global world.  Consistent with the academic aims of the ESLP program, students will learn a variety of ways to communicate about their goals, values and experiences, ranging from traditional academic written papers to the use of blogs, videos, and other media.  This FLC includes LCH 108 Impacting Community through Telling a Story and ANTH 101 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology.

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