Student Comments

“Without the FLC, I probably would not feel as confident in myself as a student academically and socially. Overall, this FLC experience has made a positive impact on my college experience and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I recommend this experience to all incoming freshmen.”

“They are great learning experiences and will help anyone make many friends that they will always share something special with.”

“[Our professor] gave us an understanding about what professors in college expect and how hard an ‘A” is to get in college. He became not only our teacher, but also our mentor. At the beginning of class, he would ask how we were all doing in our classes, and if we had a problem, he would discuss it with us and help us work through it. I believe this support system we created has been the most influential thing in my college experience thus far.”

“Studying alone is a very tiresome thing to do, but my study group sessions can go for hours and just seem to fly by.”

“The FLC made the transition to college drastically less stressful. The fact that I was able to make true friendships with my classmates means a lot to me.”

“Having the same 25 people in 3 of my classes helped me to get to know people considering I don’t live on campus and it helped me to make contacts that may be able to help me in the future. I also was able to become more acquainted with the campus through some of our assignments.”

“I thought this FLC was a great way to get to know a group of people and get to know the professors better. There are more opportunities to learn about each other and our lifestyles. You have study buddies for most of the classes on your schedule.”

“I have learned so much just in a few months about life and college. I wish older students could get into FLCs in upper-level classes. I think it would really be fun.”

“The learning community was a wonderful experience. It made the ‘college transition’ a little bit easier.”

“This experience was very rewarding. I would strongly recommend that next year’s incoming freshmen participate in a FLC.”

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