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The Hmong and Health Care in Merced, California
This article by Miriam E. Warner and Marilyn Mochel (Hmong Studies Journal, vol. 2, no. 2, Spring 1998) discusses the linguistic and cultural barriers the Hmong encounter when they attempt to access the health care delivery system in Merced County, California.

Hmong Homepage
(Web site mentioned on pg. 199 of The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down) This volunteer effort brings together a collection of resources related to Hmong news, current events, issues, history, publications, and culture.

Hmong National Development

Web site for the Hmong national advocacy group which advocates for self-sufficiency, improvement in education, and resource development in the Hmong community.

The Hmong Times

Newspaper for the Hmong community

Hmong Women's Heritage Association

Non-profit organization aimed at helping preserve and teach the Hmong culture, assist Hmong women and their families adjust to living in America, and to promote a healthy community through education, advocacy, mentoring, and outreach.

Map of Locations of Hmong Populations in Laos

Lao Human Rights Council

Web site for the organization which is working to stop human rights violations against the Hmong in Laos.

Hmong Culture:

The Split Horn
Resources from PBS related to Lehrer News Hour's report

Hmong Studies Internet Resource Center

This site is home of the Hmong Studies Journal, the only peer reviewed academic journal with a focus on Hmong Studies and contains comprehensive bibliographic information about studies of Hmong history, culture, and adaptation in diasporic communities around the world.

Hmong Studies Journal

Internet-based publication devoted to the scholarly discussion of Hmong history, culture, people, and other facets of the Hmong experience in the U.S., Asia, and around the world.

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