Writing Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes for Writing  

Since the written word is a means for communicating with the larger world, UAB expects its graduates to be clear and effective writers.  Writing is a competency that must be practiced regularly in order to achieve increasing levels of excellence.  As students advance through their program curricula, the level of achievement for each of the following learning outcomes should increase proportionately. 

To demonstrate competence in writing, students should be able to . . . 

  1. Respond to an assigned topic in a way that shows responsible concern for an identified audience.
  2. Write a logical argument that makes an unambiguous claim, marshals reasonable and appropriate evidence, and takes seriously the perspectives of others by fairly presenting and responding to alternative claims.
  3. Incorporate external sources pertinent to the argument and document such sources accurately and appropriately, demonstrating academic integrity when referencing the ideas of others.
  4. Demonstrate an appropriate level of competence in grammar, usage, and mechanics. 
  5. Use appropriate writing conventions that represent the disciplinary perspectives and/or preferences of the major.

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