Approved Writing Courses

Writing Matrix

Course Applications

The following courses have been approved by the Writing Committee to be designated as Writing courses:

 * Satisfies Core Requirements

College of Arts and Sciences  (Excluding the School of Education)
  AAS 290    Writing in African American Studies
 ANTH 357   The Anthropology of Gender
 ANTH 481   Voyage in Anthropology
  ARH 204    Renaissance to Modern Art
  ARH 480    Art Criticism and Theory
* BY  123     Introductory Biology I 
* BY  124     Introductory Biology II 
   BY 409      Principles of Human Physiology
   BY  442     Experimental Phycology 
   CM  494   Communication Research Methods 
   CS  201   Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming
   CS  302   Object-Oriented Design
   CS  499    Senior Capstone
   EH  203    Writing in Birmingham
* EH  216    Introduction to Literature
* EH  217    World Literature I
* EH  218    World Literature II
* EH  221    British and Irish Literature I
* EH  222    British and Irish Literature II
* EH  223    American Literature I
* EH  224    American Literature II
  EH  301    Reading, Writing, and Research for the English Major
  EH  303    Advanced Composition 
  EH  304    Editing in Professional Contexts 
  EH  401    Tutoring Writing 
  EH  402    Writing in Popular Periodicals 
  EH  403    Business Writing
  EH  404    Technical Writing
  EH  433    Academic Writing 
  EH  456    Visual Rhetoric 
  EH  457    Writing and Medicine 
  EH  459    Discourse Analysis 
* ENV 109    Laboratory in Environmental Science 
* FR  220    Intermediate French Composition
  HY  300     Historian's Craft 
  ITS 471     Political Power and Propaganda in Film
  JS   300     Methods of Social Research 
  JS   410     Criminal Justice Ethics 
  JS   497     Internship and Capstone for Criminal Justice Practitioners
  JS  498      Distance Internship and Capstone in Criminal Justice
  JS  499      Criminal Justice Internship and Capstone
* MA  126     Calculus II
* MA  252     Introduction to Differential Equations
   MA  361     Mathematical Modeling
   MA  461     Modeling with PDE
   MA  486     Mathematical Statistics
   MC 494    Communication Research Methods 
   MU 472     Music History and Literature 1750-present
   PH  351     Modern Physics I 
   PH  351L    Modern Physics I Laboratory 
   PH  352     Modern Physics II 
   PH  352L    Modern Physics II Laboratory 
   PHL 330    Libertarianism as a Political Philosophy 
   PHL 341    History of Philosophy: Descartes to Hume 
   PHL 375    Philosophy of Mind 
   PHL 405    Epistemology 
* PHS 101    Physical Science
   PSC 104    Introduction to Political Theory
   PSC 330    The American Judicial Process
   PSC 411    Introduction to Research Methods
   PSC 471  Political Power and Propaganda in Film
   PY   315     Psychological Research Methods
   PY   490    Psychology Capstone
   SPA 300    Advanced Grammar and Composition
   SOC 400   Research Methods 
   SOC 407   Development of Sociological Theory
   SW  200    Professional Writing for Human Service Professionals
 * THR 100    Introduction to Theatre
   THR 215    Playwriting
   THR 482    Theatre History: 1700 to Realism
   THR 483    Theatre History: Realism and Non-Realism
    WS  357    The Anthropology of Gender
School of Business
   BUS 350    Business Communication
School of Education 
   EDU 200    Education as a Profession
   EDU 210    Writing and Speaking Skills for Education Professionals
   HE  432     Administration of Health and Fitness Programs
School of Engineering
   BME 423    Living Systems Analysis
   BME 498    Senior Design I 
   BME 499    Senior Design II
   CE  221     Mechanics of Solids Laboratory 
   MSE 310    Materials Engineering Laboratory II 
   MSE 413    Composite Materials 
   MSE 498    Senior Design I
   MSE 499    Senior Design II
School of Health Professions
   AHS 460    Research Methods
   HIM 410    Interpretation of Clinical Information
   MT  460     Clinical Correlations 
   NMT 400    Introduction to Clinical Nuclear Medicine Technology
   RST 325    Directed Study in Respiratory Care I
   RST 432    Directed Study in Respiratory Care III
School of Nursing
  NUR 445     Nursing of the Child and Adolescent
  NUR 474Q  Role Transition for Professional Nursing Practice

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