Using the PP to Access QL at UAB

The Proficiency Profile (formerly the Measure of Academic Proficiency and Progress) is a test of general education competencies designed by ETS. UAB has been using it since the spring of 2004 as an external assessment instrument. It provides us with norm- and criterion referenced scores that enable us to compare ourselves to other institutions and to ourselves over time. It has been administered to a randomly selected sample of roughly a third of each entering class and to a self-selected group of graduating seniors. Several of the competencies that the MAPP addresses are consistent with the QL Core Competency Learning Outcomes.

These include:

  • Solve word problems
  • Find information, interpret a trend in a graph
  • Solve problems requiring insight or logical reasoning.
  • Recognize valid inferences from reading material
  • Evaluate competing causal explanations
  • Evaluate hypotheses for consistency with facts
  • Evaluate the appropriateness of procedures for investigating a question of causation
  • Evaluate data for consistency with known facts, hypotheses or methods
  • Recognize flaws and inconsistencies in an argument

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