Approved ECR Courses

ECR Matrix

Course Applications

The following courses have been approved by the Ethics and Civic Responsibility Committee to be designated as ECR courses:

 * Satisfies Core Requirements

College of Arts and Sciences   (Excluding the School of Education)
* AAS 200   Introduction to African American Studies
   AAS 290  Writing in African American Studies
* ANTH 101 Introductory Cultural Anthropology
   ANTH 481  Voyage in Anthropology
   ARH 468  Race and Representation
   ARH 471  Topics in Asian Cinema
   ARH 478  Buddhist Arts of Asia
   ARS 450  Advanced Graphic Design
   CM  494   Communication Research Methods 
   CS  499    Senior Capstone
   EH   203   Writing in Birmingham 
   EH   301   Reading, Writing, and Research for the English Major
   EH   365   African-American Literature I: 1746-1954
   EH   366   African-American Literature II: 1954-present
   EH   403   Business Writing 
   EH   457   Writing and Medicine 
* ENV 108   Human Population and the Earth's Environment
* ENV 109   Laboratory in Environmental Science 
* FLL 120    Foreign Culture
* FLL 220    Foreign Literatures in English Translation
* HY  101    Western Civilization to 1648
* HY  102    Western Civilization since 1648  
* HY  104    World History to 1600 
* HY  105    World History 1600 to Present 
* HY   120   The United States to 1877
* HY   121   The United States since 1877 
  HY   258    Britain and the Third World 
  ITS  471    Political Power and Propaganda in Film
  JS   410    Criminal Justice Ethics 
  JS   497    Internship and Capstone for Criminal Justice Practitioners
  JS   498    Distance Internship and Capstone in Criminal Justice
  JS   499    Criminal Justice Internship and Capstone
  MC  101     Survey of Mass Communication
  MC   494    Communication Research Methods 
  MU   324    Aural Skills III
  PH   351    Modern Physics I 
  PH  351L    Modern Physics I  Laboratory
  PH   352    Modern Physics II 
  PH  352L   Modern Physics II  Laboratory
* PHL 115    Contemporary Moral Issues 
  PHL  116   Bioethics
  PHL  135    The Rule of Law
  PHL 230     Social and Political Philosophy 
  PHL 335     Philosophy of Law
* PSC 101    Introduction to American Government 
* PSC 103    Introduction to International Relations 
   PSC 104    Introduction to Political Theory
   PSC 320    Political Participation 
   PSC 340    American Political Thought
   PSC 471    Political Power and Propaganda in Film
* PY   212    Developmental Psychology
   PY   218    Abnormal Psychology 
   PY   315    Psychological Research Methods
   PY   397    Community-Based Practicum in Psychology
   PY   490    Psychology Capstone
* SOC 100    Introduction to Sociology 
* SOC 200    Social Change
* SOC 245    Contemporary Social Problems 
   SOC 400    Research Methods
   SW  222    Social Work Values Lab
   SW  322    Practice of Social Work I
   THR 482   Theatre History: 1700 to Realism
School of Business
   LS  246   Legal Environment of Business 
   MG 302   Management Processes and Behavior 
School of Education 
  ECY 300  Ssurvey of Special Education
  EDF 362  Foundations of Education I: Social, Historical & Philosophical
  HE  343  Theories and Determinants of Health Behavior
School of Engineering
  BME  420   Implant-Tissue Interaction
  BME 498    Senior Design I 
  CE  236     Environmental Engineering
  CE  497     Construction Engineering Management
  EE  485      Engineering Operations
  MSE 401    Materials Processing
School of Health Professions
  AHS 415    Ethics for Health Care Professionals 
  HIM 415    Introduction to Health Information Management
  HIM 460    Coding and Classification Systems
  MT  405     Laboratory Management
  NMT 400    Introduction to Clinical Nuclear Medicine Technology 
  RST 311    Principles of Patient Assessment 
  RST 422    Long Term and Preventive Care 
  RST 427    Review of Critical Care Concepts 
School of Nursing
  NUR 365   Maternal-Newborn and Women's Health Nursing 
  NUR 374Q  Informatics and Research for Nursing Practice
  NUR 395   Community and Public Health Nursing 
  NUR 397Q   Community and Public Health Nursing for RN's 
  NUR 474Q   Role Transition for Professional Nursing Practice

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