PSRI Inventory

All Leadership Consortium institutions agreed to administer the Personal and Social Responsibility Institutional (PSRI) Inventory to four different constituents (students, faculty, academic administrators, and student affairs staff) in fall 2007.  The PSRI is “a climate survey that will help members of campus assess how pervasively the institution embeds opportunities for education for personal and social responsibility across a student’s entire college experience. However, the PSRII will not assess how much students are actually developing new moral and ethical capacities.”  Instead, it is designed to help institutions identify which aspects of personal and social responsibility should be emphasized more in the classroom, in co-curricular activities, or across the university.  A summary of PSRI data was presented across campus to administrators, the faculty Senate, the Undergraduate Programs Council, and the Undergraduate Student Government Association.  Data was used as prompts for discussion and dialogue in faculty and/or student forums on academic integrity hosted by various schools, programs, and student groups.

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