DSS Faculty Guide: Grievances

UAB is committed to providing an educational and work climate that is conducive to the personal and professional development of each individual. To further that commitment, the university has developed procedures for students to pursue grievances within the university community.  Each student has the responsibility to be fully acquainted with and to comply with the UAB Student Handbook.  Faculty may have a role in these grievance procedures if the student feels that he has been discriminated in the class environment based on the student’s disability.

Questions and concerns regarding accommodations and services for students with disabilities should be directed first to DSS. If DSS staff members cannot provide information and suggestions that resolve an issue, a meeting with the student, the instructor (if appropriate), a DSS staff member, and the Director of Disability Support Services may be requested. If an agreement is not reached at this point, the student may file a formal, written appeal. The appeal should clearly describe the complaint in detail, and should be transmitted as a confidential document to:
Executive Director, Student Health & Wellness
1717 9th Ave. South
Birmingham, AL 35294
During the grievance process, students are entitled to receive all accommodations recommended by DSS. It is important that concerns are addressed promptly so that students’ participation in courses is not affected.

If a complaint is not resolved through the UAB Grievance Process, students may file a formal complaint with the regional Office for Civil Rights in Atlanta, Georgia.