Minutes Senate Executive Committee Meeting

August 25, 2003

Senate Office Conference Room



  1. Chair-elect Ted Benditt called the meeting to order at 12:15
  2. Members present: Ted Benditt, Tim Heaven, Mark Lockhart, Pat Greenup, Gary Sapp, Beverly Mulvihill, Joseph Telfair
  3. Ex Officio members present: Mike Wyss, Chair of FPPC
  4. Items distributed for discussion and preparation of Agenda Items

            for September 4 FSEC and September 9 Senate Meeting

1.      Agenda for August 25 Executive Committee meeting

    1. August 16, 2003 Draft Minutes of August 12 Senate meeting
    2. FPPC – revised August 14, 2003 Policy Review Guidelines
    3. Faculty Senate Standing Committee – functions as outlined in Senate Bylaws
  1. Discussion for Senate Meeting Agenda – September 9, 2003 – HUC A&B
    1. Call to Order
    2. Recognition of Visitors
    3. Minutes of August 12, 2003 Senate Meeting
    4. Chair Report

·        Senate representative to Athletics Committee

·        Senate representative to CAA

·        Senate representative to UAB Emergency Planning Committee

·        Introduction of new senators and alternates


    1. Athletics Programs Update – President Garrison

Based on discussion and concern for athletics to be on the agenda of the senate for consecutive meetings, a recommendation will be made to Chair Smith that President Garrison will be asked to discuss fall enrollment and do an update on academic programs. The topic of athletics should be delayed until the November meeting and focus on basketball. This recommendation will be presented to Chair Smith so that he can interact with President Garrison.

    1. Senate Standing Committee Reports

                                                               i.      Finance Committee – Senator Linda Reed

                                                             ii.      FPPC – Past-Chair Tim Heaven

1.      Policy Review Guidelines - Revision

2.      James Lowery – policy review path and the role of the Senate in policy review

                                                            iii.      Standing Committee bylaws – review functions – Secretary


    1. Academic Unit Reports

                                                               i.      Sterne Library –

                                                             ii.      School of Nursing –

                                                            iii.      School of Medicine –

                                                           iv.      School of Optometry –


                        Stephanie Belcher will communicate with these academic units to obtain

                        the name of the presenting senator.


    1. Open Forum
    2. Announcements

                                                               i.      Next Senate Meeting – October 14 – HUC A&B; 7:30 AM

                                                             ii.      Academic Unit Reports: Public Health; SBS; JHS; Arts &Hum

    1. Adjournment


  1. Discussion of items for agenda of FSEC Meeting – September 4, 2003


    1. Chair-elect Benditt reviewed the topics presented by academic units at the

      July Senate and the August FSEC meetings: teaching loads, schedule of

      classes and evaluation of administrators.

1.      Teaching loads – Senate will request Provost to share data that is currently being collected and there will be no further Senate action until this data/information is available to Senate.

2.      Schedule of classes – possible schedules were discussed but for every model there appears to be constraints. The Senate will request information from Rose Scripa about current usage of rooms and information from the Recruitment and Retention Committee.

3.      Evaluation of administrators – the proposed activities for the Faculty Affairs Committee was reviewed and various issues and concerns about the type of evaluations and the follow up use of the feedback were discussed. This topic will be re-evaluated by the Executive Committee along with the work of the Faculty Affairs Committee.

Note: These items will not be placed on the proposed agenda for September 4.

    1. President Garrison – State of University address – Senate bylaws indicate that a faculty meeting be held at the beginning of the academic year and the President present “state of University address” – request President to present. This will be placed on the proposed agenda for September 4.
    2. Status of University –wide committees linked to Standing Senate committees:

                                                               i.      Curriculum and Research Committee

1.      Academic Computing

2.      Advisory Council – Graduate Council

3.      Athletic Advisory Committee

4.      Campus Planning

5.      Extramural Scholarships

6.      Graduate Council


·        Finance Committee

1.      Campus Planning

2.      Compensation Advisory Committee

3.      Fringe Benefits

4.      UAB President’s Council

5.      UAB Leadership Council

6.      University Scholarship Committee


·        Faculty Affairs Committee

1.      Termination for Cause Review Panel

2.      Grievance Panel

3.      President and Provost Reports (Section II.7.b)


                       This item will be placed on the proposed agenda for September 4.


                       d.  Senate Bylaws indicate that Senate recommendations be submitted to 

                            President. Need to clarify current protocol. This item will be placed on

                            the proposed agenda.


           e. How can the Senate assist President and Provost as to types of

                           information and review actions by standing committees? This item will

                           be on the agenda and Chair Smith will be asked to discuss this item at

                           the FSEC. This item will be on the proposed agenda.


           f. Provost - status report on the grievance activities during the 2002-2003

                           year and the projected timeline for Provost and President review of the

                           FPPC and Senate approved proposed revisions to Section 2, and

                           Appendices A, B and C.


           g. Provost  - status of Senate recommendations – (1) open access to faculty

                            handbook for external to UAB; (2) Review of Sick Leave Policy   

                           The general consensus is that item # 1 is currently in effect. For item # 2

                           Ted Benditt will contact Susan McWilliams to determine the status of

                            the Senate recommendation.


h. Academic Unit reports from August Senate meeting       

                            Chair-elect Benditt reviewed the academic unit reports from the

                            Senate’s August 12 meeting. The topics that will be submitted on the

                            proposed agenda for September 4 include: (1) plans to address the level

                            of adjunct faculty; (2) library funding and the concerns related to one-

                            time versus continuing funding practices; (3) salary inequities and

                            follow up action of the previous Senate Ad Hoc Committee report on

                            compensation practices.



i.         Status of STEPS – will be on proposed agenda for September 4.

j.        Provost status report on the Provost plans to implement standardized dean evaluation process. Item will be on proposed agenda.   


      G. Other items discussed by Executive Committee


           1.Standing Committees – Bylaws – Secretary review roles and responsibilities –   

           materials distributed to Chairs; reminder about reports, minutes and files. The

           bylaws section for the standing committees will be distributed at the September 9



           2. Academic Units second phase of presentations – identification of specific     

          questions - suggestions

           a. Status of unit handbook – last revision; date approved – dean/provost;   

           b. Does unit have a Faculty Affairs Committee?  

           c. What is the role of the Faculty Affairs Committee?  

           d. Types of teaching evaluation forms used – process; who approves forms and  

               how are forms used?    

           e. Types of evaluation process used as basis of salary decisions  

f.        Do departments have departmental policies as indicated in the UAB handbook?  

g.       Do faculty have access to unit handbook and departmental policies?    

h.       Does your academic unit have a personnel officer?

i.         Do faculty in the academic units want to have a role in the evaluation of top-level administrators, deans, department chairs?


           No decisions were made about these questions or the process for the second phase

           of the academic unit reports to the Senate. This topic will need to be discussed at

           the next executive committee meeting because the second phase of unit reports

           starts with the October Senate meeting.



         3. Academic Unit reports from August 12 – identify items for discussion with  

             President and Provost, or identify items to be referred to Senate Standing

             Committees. This was discussed with the FSEC agenda preparation.    


         4. Governance & Operations Committee – referral – review constitution and bylaws  

              and meet with Secretary for Elections Committee planning session.  Chair

              Mulvihill and Secretary Greenup will meet to discuss plans for Governance &

              Operations activities.


         5. Curriculum & Research – the following question – “full tuition for prior credit

             or credit by exam or portfolio evaluation and tuition requirements” will be

             referred to this standing committee.



       6. Faculty Affairs Committee – timeline for administrator evaluation – pilot project  

            with Deans during fall term; annual evaluations process in academic units.  These

            items will be referred to the FAC and Chair Telfair will distribute FAC reports

            about the plans for administrator evaluations. FAC will interact with Tim Heaven

            to obtain the findings of the survey on annual evaluation practices in the academic

            units. This topic will be addressed by the FAC.



The meeting adjourned at 1:30 pm. Minutes prepared by Secretary of Senate, Pat Greenup – August 26, 2003