Faculty Senate Executive Committee Meeting




March 4, 2003




Present:          President Carol Garrison; Dr. Theodore Benditt; Dr. Eli Capilouto; Dr. Charles Falany; Dr. Pat Greenup; Dr. Timothy Heaven; Dr. Marcus Hickson; Kirsten Nelson; Dr. Linda Reed; Dr. John Smith; Bettye Wilson


Absent:           Dr. Kurt Denninghoff; Dr. Joseph Telfair; Dr. John Wittig



Visioning/Planning Process

A discussion ensued regarding feedback on the visioning/planning process that is evolving which included:

·        FSEC members remarked that there has been a focus on shared goals at all levels; therefore, they suggested that “shared governance” be added to the values listed in the plan. 

·        Dr. Benditt inquired if the two global goals for the visioning/planning process were SACS preparation and internal reallocation.  Dr. Garrison noted that these issues will be addressed but are not the driving reasons for the process.  For UAB to be the institution we want it to be, there must be a plan. 

·        Next Steps

o       Meet with the community in a town hall meeting and present an abbreviated version of the plan. 

o       Scorecards-Add metrics to the scorecards.

o       Implementation plans will be developed after concensus on the general themes is gained.  Dr. Garrison noted that UAB’s plan interfaces with the overall System plan.


A discussion ensued about recruitment and organizational structure from which the key goals are:

·        Develop a structure where all parties are represented.

·        Coordinate the university as “one university.”

·        Keep communication channels open.

Dr. Falany proposed that the Provost conduct town hall meetings on a regular basis to increase communication.   

Academic Calendar

Dr. Capilouto reviewed some of the proposed academic calendar changes, such as the following: