Faculty Senate Executive Committee Meeting




October 7, 2003



Present:          President Carol Garrison; Dr. Theodore Benditt; Dr. Eli Capilouto; Dr. Patsy Greenup; Dr. Timothy Heaven; Dr. Mark Lockhart; Dr. Beverly Mulvihill; Dr. Pamela Murray; Dr. Linda Reed; Dr. Gary Sapp; Dr. John Smith; Dr. John Wittig; Dr. Michael Wyss


Absent:           Dr. Joseph Telfair



Periodic Review of Faculty and Administrators

Dr. John Smith noted that the Faculty Senate’s goals are to achieve some level of uniformity and to optimize the process in order to benefit the faculty.  It was recommended that the Faculty Senate draft general guiding principles in consultation with the Provost to achieve their goals.  Also, it was suggested that the composition of the Faculty Senate Review Subcommittee should include representatives from the deans and department chairs.   


Status Report on Dean Evaluation Process

Dr. Smith reported that the Faculty Senate is proceeding with the dean evaluation process.  The evaluations will be conducted via internet using I.D.E.A. Center (I.D.E.A.), a firm that handles surveys for the evaluation of administrators.  The deans from the Schools of Dentistry, Medicine, Natural Sciences and Mathematics and the Graduate School will be excluded from this evaluation.


Conflict of Interest Review Board (CIRB)

Dr. Smith requested that a general overview of the CIRB be presented at a Faculty Senate meeting.


Higher Education Budget

Although the State’s education budget increased slightly, higher education entities are being asked to assume more costs (e.g., PEEHIP, retirement, telephone trunk lines, etc.). 


Student Issues

The FSEC would like to invite Derrick Green, President of the Student Government Association, to a meeting.