Summary of Minutes – Faculty Senate Meeting – November 11, 2003


Chair of the Faculty Report - Chair John Smith discussed the following items: (1) Senate standing rules and who is eligible to vote on Senate actions; (2) I.D.E.A. evaluation of deans and the process that will be used to review the reports before distribution to faculty in the academic units where evaluations have been conducted; (3) Strategic Planning notebooks for each of the academic units have been prepared by the Deans and are now available for faculty review in each dean’s office; (4) a Faculty & Staff Resources icon now appears on the UAB Homepage with links to internal and external resources useful to faculty; (5) the salary plan for faculty and staff is still under review by the President; (6) the Senate has forwarded concerns from faculty and staff about the proposed fees for the new recreation center to the President and Provost; (7) the Chair of the Faculty has been appointed by the Provost to serve on the Executive Committee of the Academic Programs Council; (8) all faculty are encouraged to plan to attend the Board of Trustees meeting on the UAB campus on February 5-6, 2004.

UAB Budget Process Presentation – Provost Capilouto and Vice-President Margison shared information in a Power Point presentation and Attachments-FY 2004 Planning (Spring 2003) The Senate is seeking approval for posting these materials on the Senate web page. Provost Capilouto reported that the Planning Notebooks for each of the academic units contain additional budget information. Faculty members were encouraged to review these documents.

Senate Standing Committee Report – Governance and Operations Committee

Senator and Chair Beverly Mulvihill reported that the committee met on October 21 and continued review of the Senate Constitution & Bylaws. The committee has reviewed the attendance reports for senators and alternates and the data shows that all academic units have been represented by a senator or alternate at the Senate meetings to date during the 2003 term. The committee is continuing the review of the links of Senate committees with University-wide committees.

Senate Standing Committee Report – Faculty Affairs Committee

Chair Smith reported that the committee is continuing the work of dean evaluations and working with I.D.E.A. to move forward with the data analysis and report generation.

Senate Standing Committee Report – Curriculum & Research Committee

Senator and Chair Pam Murray reported that four subcommittees are reviewing concerns related to elements of the Strategic Plan linked to undergraduate programs, graduate programs and the types of metrics to be used in some of the academic units. The committee plans to have recommendations to present to the Senate at the February meeting.

Academic Unit Reports – Chair Smith reported that the information submitted by academic units during Phase I of the unit reports is being summarized and the Senate Executive Committee will review all issues and make disposition decisions at the November Executive committee meeting. The Executive Committee has discussed these concerns and presented some of the concerns to President Garrison and Provost Capilouto; the Executive committee will prepare a summary report for the Senate and identify any proposed Senate actions. For the Phase II reports, senators were requested to prepare a report related to two items: (1) periodic review of tenured faculty over and above the merit review process and (2) the interest of faculty to be involved in Faculty Senate conducted evaluations of identified academic administrators. Written and oral reports were submitted by Arts & Humanities, Business, Dentistry, Education and Engineering. When all of the 15 academic units have completed Phase III reports, the reports will be summarized and posted on the Senate web site and presented for future Senate discussion and actions.

Announcements – Chair Smith announced that the next Senate meeting is December 9, 2003 and the academic units scheduled for reporting Phase II information are Health Related Professions, Lister Hill Library, Medicine, Joint Health Sciences, and Sterne Library. Senators were reminded of the Senate elections process information and to begin to consider possible candidates for the Chair-elect, Secretary and Senator positions as well as election of representatives to the Faculty Policies and Procedures Committee for Engineering, Lister Hill Library, Natural Sciences and Math, Nursing, and Mervyn Sterne Library. Senators were encouraged to assist the Senate in the identification of faculty serving on University-wide committees.

Summary submitted by Pat Greenup, Secretary of Faculty for November 11, 2003 meeting. A more complete record of the minutes will appear on the Senate web page.