DRAFT Minutes Summary March 9, 2004 Faculty Senate Meeting


Chair Report Chair-elect Ted Benditt updated the Senators concerning the following topics: (1) to date 26 senators have registered to participate in the evaluation process for diversity workshops on March 17 and 19; (2) Dr. Madelyn Coar has been appointed as the Faculty Senate representative to the UAB Diversity Council; (3) the Faculty Senate submitted recommended priority ranking of QEP topics (increasing Honors experience was the top priority submitted) in response to a request from the Provost; (4) plans for implementing the Faculty Development Program are on schedule and the call for proposals to Faculty in the participating schools will be distributed by the end of March; (5) Senators are encouraged to submit suggestions for ways to recognize Faculty contributions to UAB, research, teaching and service activities to Chair Smith; (6) University-wide committee reports are being received in the Senate office and posted on the Senate web page and Faculty are encouraged to review these reports; (7) Phase I Faculty Issues identified by academic units are being addressed by the standing committees of the Senate and recommendations will be presented to the Senate; (8) the Phase II reports on post-tenure review activities in the academic units have been summarized and will be reviewed by the Executive Committee with recommendations to the Senate; (9) the newly implemented electronic elections process for the Senate elections has been implemented and the first cycle will be completed on March 19, 2004.

President Garrison Update President Garrison presented an update on the following activities: (1) ongoing new student recruitment activities; (2) kudos to faculty, staff and students with examples of recent recognitions; (3) the search committee for the Dean of the School of Medicine will soon begin interviewing candidates; (4) the search for the Director of the Research Foundation is ongoing; (5) the SACS review is progressing on schedule and all audit groups have been encouraged to identify deficiencies and to move forward to act to address such deficiencies so as to achieve total compliance prior to the time of the external review process; (6) President Garrison is working with Birmingham City leaders to enhance integration of UAB and community planning activities; (7) the UAB Benefits Committee will begin meetings soon to review the current health benefits plans and Faculty input will be requested as part of the review process to determine the plans to be available this fall. President Garrison responded to questions from Senators related to the status of the state budget and impact on higher education, salary equity planning for UAB Faculty, and ACHE related legislation. President Garrison requested input from the Faculty for suggestions of how to enhance recognition of Faculty for their various contributions to UAB.

Provost Capilouto Update on the Major Divisions and Budget Transparency for the Provost office line item in the 2004 UAB Budget. Provost Capilouto presented Office of the Provost Responsibilities and Budgets addressing an overview of the purpose, activities and budgets for each of the major divisions: (1) Equity and Diversity, (2) Facilities and Programming, (3) Planning and Information Management, (4) Research, (5) Student Affairs, Undergraduate Programs, Policies & Procedures, Faculty Affairs and Administrative Support.

Faculty Senate Standing Committee Reports

Curriculum & Research Committee Chair and Senator Pam Murray reviewed a written report from the committee. This report outlines recommendations concerning the UAB Strategic Plan in four areas: (1) Undergraduate Education, (2) Graduate and Professional Education, (3) Research & Scholarship, and (4) Work Environment. Senator Murray reported that the guidelines for the Faculty Development Grants Program will be similar to those used by the previous program and that guidelines for proposal requests are to be forwarded to the Deans and Department Chairs in the ten schools that are participating in the program. The Curriculum & Research Committee will serve as the review panel for the grant proposals and such recommendations will be submitted to the Dean of the Graduate School for final determinations of recipients. Proposal review is expected to begin in late May.

Finance Committee Chair and Senator Linda Reed submitted a written report indicating that the Committee is currently reviewing Phase I Faculty Issues and will report to the Senate at a future meeting. The Committee is preparing a Faculty survey to be distributed electronically using BlazerID addresses within two weeks. This survey is designed to compile Faculty comments and concerns about the current health benefits plans. All Faculty members are encouraged to complete the survey and contribute to the Faculty Senate voice on the Fringe Benefits Committee.

Academic Unit Reports Phase III Faculty Governance Practices

Senators for all academic units were requested to compile responses to ten questions about current Faculty governance practices in their academic units. These academic units presented reports: Joint Health Sciences, Arts & Humanities, Business, Dentistry, Education, Engineering, Health Related Professions, Lister Hill Library, Medicine, and Mervyn Sterne Library. The remaining academic units will present Phase III reports at the April Faculty Senate meeting. All Phase III reports will be reviewed, summarized and presented to the Executive Committee for discussion and disposition recommendations to the Senate and to the Provost and the President.

Announcements The next Faculty Senate meeting is April 13, 2004 in the Penthouse CR1. Scheduled speakers are Mr. David Fine and Dean Will Deal. These academic units will present Phase III Faculty Governance reports: Nursing, Optometry, Public Health, Social & Behavioral Sciences, and Natural Sciences & Mathematics. Senators should encourage all Faculty members to vote in the Senate elections before March 18, 2004. The election results will be announced at the April Senate meeting.

This DRAFT summary of the minutes is submitted by Pat Greenup, Secretary of the Faculty for March 9, 2004 meeting. A more complete record of the minutes will appear on the Senate Web page after approval at the April Senate meeting to be at: