Brouillette Christie G. Broullette, Ph.D.
Research Professor, Department of Chemistry
Associate Director of Molecular Biophysics , Center for Biophysical Sciences and Engineering

Areas of focus:  Protein Structural Cooperativity and Energetics, Biophysics, Antibacterial Drug Discovery


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Contact Information
CBSE 234
(205) 975-5469

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Protein Structural Cooperatively and EnergeticsMy research interests are in the area of protein structural cooperativity and energetics, through the application of biophysical techniques to study native and engineered proteins and protein-ligand interactions. I have three research programs: cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator structure and function, protein structural thermodynamics, and antibacterial drug discovery. A major thrust of my research involves using thermodynamic approaches to dissect the energetics of ligand receptor interactions to define the importance of specific functional groups to overall affinity and conformational changes. Some research projects are very basic, and others are applied directly to drug development.


Dr. Christie G. Brouillette is a chemist by training (B.S. Chemistry 1972: Ph.D. Medicinal Chemistry 1979, University of Kansas). She has been affiliated with UAB since 1979, and is currently a Research Professor in the Department of Chemistry as well as the Associate Director of Molecular Biophysics in UAB's Center for Biophysical Sciences and Engineering.