Snapshot of the 2014 Entering Class (all GBS programs)
uab student science class
44 first-year students
- Average GPA: 3.5
- Average GRE (quantitative plus verbal): 310
- 59% female/41% male
- 86% U.S. citizens/14% international
- 20% U.S. students from underrepresented groups
- 100% have previous research experience
Plus, 7 MD/PhD students entering PhD training
The Biochemistry, Structural and Stem Cell Biology Theme at UAB has an intensive graduate program, usually requiring four to five years to complete. The coursework is diverse and covers a broad range of molecular genetics and related fields, emphasizing a combination of chemistry, biology, physics and mathematics. The research programs are challenging and contemporary; along with laboratory skills, you will learn the communications techniques vital to presenting your research in oral or published form.  

Overall, the Theme Training Plan is as follows. Using the links at left, read more about each phase of the training.
 BSB Theme Training Plan 7.30.14 Page 1  BSB Theme Training Plan 7.30.14 Page 2