Any student admitted into the Graduate Biomedical Sciences program is allowed to change themes, if needed.

Students enter GBS through a particular theme that fits the research path they expect to follow. However, there are a few ways that may change:

  • As rotations progress, it sometimes becomes apparant to a student that her/his research interest has shifted, and the entering theme is not as tight of a fit as another theme;
  • Once a student is in a permanent lab, the mentor may suggest that the original theme is not as good a match as another theme

If a student makes this discovery and asks the question, "Should I change themes?" - there are 2 things to think about:

  • A student may change themes at any time, so what does the "new" theme offer me that fits me better than my current theme?
  • A student never has to change themes, even if the research focus changes. A GBS student can do any kind of research from any theme he/she is in.

How do I change themes?
When a student is ready to change themes, the student must first make an appointment to meet with the new theme directors and program manager to ask permission to join the theme and to find out exactly what the expectations are of that theme. Once this is done and permission is given, the student should meet with the current theme directors and program manager and explain the desire and intention of changing themes. The student will need each theme to sign off on the Change of Program form. See Forms in the sidebar.

Are there students in themes whose research doesn't seem to fit with the "name" of that theme?
Yes. For example, there was a student in the Neuroscience Theme whose research was all cell with no neuro focus, and there are students in the CMDB Theme who are totally neuro focused, yet they have remained in their theme without switching to the Neuroscience Theme.