GBS 737. Seminars are Thursdays, 1:30pm in BBRB 170.

May 26.
     Seminar Orientation for students

June 16.
     Leanne Holt (Olsen Lab)
     "Astrocytes are a primary target of neuronal-derived BDNF: a novel mechanism for dysfunction in Rett Syndrome"

     Maddie Scott (Meador-Woodruff Lab)
     "Investigating the Proteasome in Schizophrenia"

     Angela Nietz (J Wadiche Lab)
     "Glutamate-mediated inhibition of cerebellar Golgi cells"


June 23.
     Neural Conference


June 30.
     Josh Cohen (Clinton Lab)
     "miR101a and Ezh2 expression in the amygdala contribute to anxiety-like behavior in high responder rats"

     Luke Stewart (McMahon Lab)
     "Protein O-GlcNAcylation dampens acute epileptiform activity in hippocampus"

     Allie Widman (McMahon Lab)
     "The effects of low-dose NMDAR antagonists on the excitation/inhibition balance in hippocampus"


July 7.
     Kavitha Abiraman (J Wadiche Lab)
     "Dude, where's my mGluR(4): group 3 mGluRs in the cerebellar cortex"

     Mary Phillips ( Pozzo-Miller Lab)
     "Long range dysfunction: the ventral hippocampus and the medial prefrontal cortex in Rett Syndrome"


July 14.
     Lindsey Smith (McMahon Lab)
     "Synaptic alterations begin in dentate gyrus in the novel TgF344-AD rat model"

     Ryan Vaden (L Wadiche Lab)
     "GABAergic signaling to adult-generated neurons"


July 21.
     Megan Rich (Bolding Lab)
     "MRI visible microcapsules for focal ultrasound induced neuromodulation"

     Christian Stackhouse (Gillespie/Willey Lab)
     "Development of a Personalized Medicine Approach for Treating Glioblastoma multiforme and the Role of Intramural Heterogeneity in Therapy Resistance"


July 28.

     Rose Creed (Goldberg Lab)
     "α-Synuclein accumulation in a PINK1 Knockout rat model of Parkinson's disease"

     Yuliya Voskobiynyk (Roberson Lab)
     "Hyperexcitability: Tau and its roles in excitatory and inhibitory neurons"