UAB's primary concern during any emergency or severe weather situation is the safety of its students, faculty, staff and visitors.

During any actual emergency or severe weather situation, the UAB Emergency Management website will be the official source of UAB information. In addition, the UAB Emergency Management Team will use B-ALERT, the university’s emergency notification system, to communicate through voice calls, SMS text messages, and e-mails to the entire campus all at the same time. B-ALERT also integrates with Facebook and Twitter.

The UAB Severe Weather & Emergency Hotline at (205) 934-2165 also will be updated as appropriate to provide official updates on the university's and UAB Hospital's opening and closing status.

To register for B-ALERT or update your existing information in the system, visit the B-ALERT website. All registration is connected to your BlazerID.

Deadline: Prior to registering for classes the first time.