You may explore a comprehensive list of more than 350 UAB Graduate Biomedical Sciences Faculty who offer graduate research training in highly diverse areas of the biomedical sciences.

GBS Rotation Dates:

  • Lab Rotation 1: August 14 - October 13
  • Lab Rotation 2: October 16 - December 15
  • Lab Rotation 3: January 8 - March 9
  • Lab Rotation 4: March 12 - May 11

Choosing a Rotation Lab:

Students should choose their rotation labs in consultation with their theme director. This GBS spreadsheet will show you which faculty are interested in hosting lab rotation students. In addition, students are strongly encouraged to contact faculty to request a one-on-one meeting to learn more about faculty research interests (and that person's interest in taking rotation students). While rotations will typically occur with faculty in the student's chosen theme, students are free to rotate with faculty in other themes and research areas.

Each student should contact faculty via email to set up a time to meet face-to-face to discuss doing a rotation in that lab. When a student secures a rotation, they must complete the Lab Rotation Verification Form.

Learn more on the research rotations page.

Deadline for choosing first rotation lab: Early admits: June 1; Fall admits: August 13.