Neuroscience Theme students must meet these markers with their committee progression:

  • Set up committee - no later than January of 2nd year
    >With your mentor, invite at least 4 faculty to serve on your committee. Your mentor is expected to serve as Chair of the committee, and one member must have expertise outside the student's area of research.
  • Have first committee meeting - no later than April of 2nd year
  • After initial meeting in 2nd year (for our purposes, years are counted August-July):
    > must meet once a year during years 3-4
    > beginning in year 5, student must have a meeting every 6 months
  • Failure to have these meetings as expected may result in holds being placed on registration

Beginning in Fall 2016, new requirements are in place for committee meetings:

  • Student and Mentor must complete committee meeting minutes form (1 for each) and bring the forms to the meeting
  • The student is expected to bring along an updated copy of the theme checklist, with copies for each member (including the theme director)
  • Committee meeting minutes forms are to be scanned and emailed to the theme manager, along with a copy of the checklist, to Patricia Matthews at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. no later than 1 week after the meeting


The Forms:
     Committee Meeting Minutes Form for Student
     Committee Meeting Minutes Form for Mentor
     Neuroscience Theme Checklist
          Use this form if you entered the program Fall 2015 and after (example)
          Use this form if you entered the program prior to Fall 2015 (example)