Cancer Biology Theme students must meet these markers with their committee progression:

  • Set up committee - no later than January of 2nd year
    With your mentor, invite at least 5 faculty to serve on your committee. Your mentor is expected to serve as Chair of the committee, and one member must have expertise outside the student's area of research.
  • Have first committee meeting - no later than April of 2nd year
  • After initial meeting in 2nd year (for our purposes, years are counted August-July):
    ≥ must meet once a year during years 3-4
    ≥ beginning in year 5, student must have a meeting every 6 months
  • Failure to have these meetings as expected may result in holds being placed on registration

Beginning in Fall 2016, new requirements are in place for committee meetings:

  • Student and Mentor must complete committee meeting minutes form (1 for each) and bring the forms to the meeting
  • The student is expected to bring along an updated copy of the theme checklist, with copies for each member (including the theme director)
  • Committee meeting minutes forms are to be scanned and emailed to the theme manager, along with a copy of the checklist, no later than 1 week after the meeting
    The Forms:
    1-Committee Meeting Minutes Form for Student
    2-Committee Meeting Minutes Form for Mentor
    3-Cancer Biology Theme Checklist (example)
       Use this form if you entered the program Fall 2016 and after
       Use this form if you entered the program prior to Fall 2016