logo 2016The UAB Neuroscience Theme provides a comprehensive training experience in neuroscience using a multidisciplinary format in a collaborative environment. Students have access to more than 75 neuroscience faculty members in basic and translational disciplines, including synaptic physiology, visual system processing, neurodegenerative/neuropsychiatric diseases, and fMRI imaging. The training program features an introductory course at the Dauphin Island Sea Lab and core curriculum courses covered in the first year. In addition to coursework and laboratory research, our Neuroscience students receive numerous professional development opportunities for a variety of postdoctoral career possibilities. As with all GBS themes, the Neuroscience Theme is proud to support the UAB Roadmap Scholars program, which is an NIH-funded grant, designed to enhance engagement and retention of underrepresented graduate trainees in the neuroscience workforce.