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The PhD and MD-trained scientists who constitute the GBS faculty are engaged in nationally-recognized and well-funded research in diverse areas of basic and clinically relevant science:

  • Research funding received by UAB School of Medicine faculty consistently ranks in the top 25 nationally for NIH support
  • Faculty are ranked 10th nationally for scholarly productivity (scientific publications, grants, awards) in overall biomedical sciences, Chronicles of Higher Education
  • Fourteen specialty programs, including rheumatology and related autoimmune diseases, nephrology, cancer, lung diseases and others, are ranked in top 25% nationally by US News & World Report America's Best Hospitals 2012 and the AIDS program is ranked 9th nationally by US News & World Report America's Best Graduate Schools 2012.

A comprehensive listing of UAB faculty who offer graduate research training in the biomedical sciences is found at Faculty Profiles. Note that individual faculty may participate in multiple programs, dependent upon their research interests.

  • Faculty Profiles
  • GBS Faculty Theme Affiliations
  • UAB Dean's Award for Excellence in Mentorship
           Excellence in Mentorship - GBS Awardees for 2012:
                Scott R. Barnum, Microbiology, Joint Health Sciences
                Michael Brenner, Neurobiology, Joint Health Sciences
                Paul A. Goepfert, Infectious Diseases, Joint Health Sciences
                Adrienne C. Lahti, Behavioral Neurobiology, Arts and Sciences
                Selvarangan Ponnazhagan, Pathology, Joint Health Sciences
                Rosalinda C. Roberts, Behavioral Neurobiology, Joint Health Sciences
                Jon Daniel Sharer, Genetics, Joint Health Sciences
                Bradley K. Yoder, Cell Biology, Joint Health Sciences
  • UAB Exceptional Innovation Faculty Awards
           Exceptional Innovation - GBS Faculty Awardees (theme affiliations)
           > Michael Miller, PhD (Cancer Biology, Cell, Molecular & Developmental Biology,
                                               Genetics & Genomic Sciences)
           > Casey Weaver, MD (Immunology)
           > Bradley Yoder, PhD (Cell, Molecular & Developmental Biology, Genetics & Genomic Sciences,
                                                Pathobiology & Molecular Medicine)
  • School of Medicine Dean's Award for Excellence in Research
           > Louise Chow, PhD (Biochemistry & Structural Biology, Cell, Molecular & Developmental Biology,
           > Andy West, PhD (Cell, Molecular & Developmental Biology, Genetics & Genomic Sciences,

UAB research centers involve communities of faculty scientists, graduate and postdoctoral trainees and staff with common research interests, who collaborate in scientific research projects, participate in common seminars, journal clubs, retreats or symposia, and share common resources and core facilities. These Centers are funded by NIH or other funding agencies and by the University.