All students accepted into GBS programs receive a competitive annual stipend and fully paid tuition and fees. Single coverage health insurance is also provided at no cost to the student through VIVA Health UAB.

The annual stipend for the 2012-2013 academic year will be $26,000. The total annual award value, including stipend, tuition, fees and health insurance is $38,005. In addition, when students successfully meet requirements for admission to candidacy, their annual stipend will increase to $27,000. Stipends are reviewed and updated regularly. When adjusted for local cost of living, the $26,000 stipend is equivalent to $28,600. 

First-year students are funded through their entry themes by Graduate School Fellowships and occasionally by other national and University fellowships. In subsequent years students are supported through their advisor's research grants, institutional funds or training grants. In addition, highly qualified students are encouraged to apply for individual fellowship awards, with the guidance of their advisors. See Fellowships and Awards for additional fellowship information and resources.  

Additional awards available to UAB graduate students in the biomedical sciences include:  

•  UAB Graduate Family Assistance Scholarship - Scholarship funds will be provided to graduate students who have family-related financial commitments that would, if not resolved, prevent them from enrolling in a degree-granting graduate program. Applicants must first be accepted into a research-based PhD program in order to apply.

•  UAB Comprehensive Minority Faculty and Student Development Program (CMFSDP) Graduate Fellowships

•  UAB Equity and Diversity Enhancement Program (EDEP) Graduate Fellowships

•  HHMI International Student Research Fellowship - UAB is 1 of 61 institutions invited to participate.