UAB graduates are exceptionally competitive for positions in academia, research institutions, industry or government. See Postdoctoral & Other Positions of GBS Graduates, Past 3 Years.

Below is an overview of the variety of positions of all UAB biomedical sciences graduates who are now in full-time professional positions - in total, 75% are in research-related positions.

Academic Research -- 40% Clinical Professions/Practice -- 5%
Biotech -- 16% Science Administration/Policy -- 3%
Pharmaceutical Industry -- 12%               Science Writing/Publishing -- 3%
Government Research -- 7% Non-Science Related -- 2%
Science Law/Finance -- 6% Information Technology -- 1%
Science Education -- 5%  

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Remember, the UAB Office of Postdoctoral Education and the UAB Postdoc Association work together to develop career opportunities that enhance and define the training experience for all postdoctoral scholars at UAB. Search available postdoc openings online.

Because of its commitment to the success of postdoctoral fellows, UAB ranks consistently as one of the top locations among U.S. universities for training postdoctoral scholars (The Scientist).