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Graduate Assistantships
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Animal Subjects in Graduate Research
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      •  Program Handbooks
             Each program has a program-specific handbook concerning academic, administrative 
             and other matters; please consult your Program Director for specific guidance.   

      •  UAB Student Handbook "Direction" 
       •  Policies relevant to Graduate Students
Computer Software Copying and Use Policy
              - Copyright Policy 
              - Drug-Free Campus Policy
              - Equal Opportunity Policy
              - Falsification of UAB Records and Documents
              - Health Care Policy For International Students and Scholars
              - Immunization Policy
              - Intellectual Property / Patent Policy
              - Policy Concerning AIDS and HIV Infection
              - Policy Concerning Consensual Romantic Relationships
              - Sexual Harassment Policy
              - Student Participation in Proprietary Research 
              - Scientific Ethics
              - UAB Student Records Policy