UAB's diverse, accomplished and highly competitive graduate students are provided extensive institutional resources and high-caliber training to become exceptionally competitive for outstanding postdoctoral and professional positions.

At UAB, diversity runs deeper than the data; there is sense of genuine community among students and faculty from a range of backgrounds, ethnicities and cultures. UAB is among the top 10 universities in the United States for diversity (The Princeton Review). This environment mirrors today’s world and prepares students for successful and meaningful careers in the global, knowledge economy. An array of resources supporting this diverse community are provided through Diversity Initiatives and International Recruitment & Student Services.

UAB's Professional Development Program offers ongoing support to enhance graduate students’ skills. This includes semester-long credit courses and day-long workshops in a variety of areas, including career support and advancement,academic and grant writing, teaching at the college level, presentation and discussion skills and language enhancement for international students.


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