Erlangen Tuesday sUAB and the University of Erlangen/Germany have established a student exchange program that allows graduate students interested in microbiology or immunology to work at either university.  The Graduate Student Exchange Program between UAB and FAU was established to afford students in both locations the opportunity to form a partnership that will lead to stronger scientific relationships.  Participants in this program will be held to a high standard of excellence and return from the experience more knowledgeable scientifically and more personally enriched through the community of science and new perspectives.

Students selected for the program will be able to work and learn in the sister environment for varying lengths of time, depending on the exchange objective.  Short-term visits to learn techniques may be for as little as a few weeks; other visits may be several months.  The objective and length of stay will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

PIs will also be given the chance to teach in the exchange program, to visit the sister university for special lectures and/or set courses.