The Graduate Biomedical Sciences (GBS) program comprises eight interdisciplinary themes:

  • BSSB: Biochemistry, Structural & Stem Cell Biology
  • CANB: Cancer Biology
  • CMDB: Cell, Molecular & Developmental Biology
  • GGB: Genetics, Genomics & Bioinformatics
  • IMM: Immunology
  • MIC: Microbiology
  • NESC: Neuroscience
  • PBMM: Pathobiology & Molecular Medicine

The GBS approach enables an entering student with undecided or very broad interests to explore varied courses and sample the expertise of more than 350 productive GBS faculty before they commit to a thesis research direction. Alternately, students with defined interests can immediately begin to focus in-depth on the research area they wish to pursue. 

Applicants select a theme for entry into the GBS program and then are reviewed and approved for offer of admission by the admissions committee for that theme. Although students enter a selected theme on admission, they may explore research and course options provided by any theme and can change theme affiliations if their interests evolve in new directions.