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Ashley Landuyt

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2014-2015 Immunology Theme Students

2013-2014 Immunology Theme Students

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GBS Student Handbook 2015-2016

Immunology Theme Policies

  • After completion of the Introduction to Immunology course (GBS 740A & B) theme students may complete their three advanced credit course requirements with advanced courses from any GBS theme. A journal club for fall and spring semesters is also a course requirement. 
  • Mandatory 2nd year courses
    • GRD 701 Presentation and Discussion Skills (offered Fall and Spring)
  • Mandatory 3rd year courses
    • MIC 710 Development of Communication Skills for Biological Research (aka Pizza Class)
  • Policy on coursework outside of GBS (2nd year and beyond)
    • The philosophy of the Immunology Theme is to allow students to take whatever courses may benefit their research and scientific development. Students may enroll in non-GBS courses after approval by the theme directors. In order to count as an advanced course, such courses must earn a minimum of 3 credit hours and be graded, i.e. P/F courses are not eligible. A maximum of one 600 level course can be taken by this mechanism.

  • UAB GBS & MSTP Student Evaluation Form for Research Committee Meetings

  • UAB GBS & MSTP Mentor Evaluation Form for Research Committee Meetings

  • Graduate School Forms 

  • Immunology Student Training Plans