The 2nd annual  Dean’s Award for Excellence in Mentorship ceremony was held on Friday, April 10, in the HUC Great Hall. Dr. Bryan Noe, dean of the Graduate School, presented six UAB faculty members with awards, with President Carol Garrison giving closing remarks. A seventh faculty member was honored on April 3rd. Each award recipient received a plaque and a bound copy of her or his letters of nomination.

During the ceremony, Dean Noe read a compilation of characteristics that make an outstanding mentor. Included in the list of personal, mentoring, teaching and communication characteristics were: enthusiasm, respect, self confidence, making difficult information and concepts understandable, encouraging creative thinking, celebrating trainee success, and deriving great satisfaction from following the successful career trajectories of previous trainees.

After Dean Noe presented the awards, President Garrison talked about the importance of mentorship and concluded that good mentors foster good mentoring qualities within their trainees.

The 2009 recipients of the Dean’s Award for Excellence in Mentorship are: