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Dr. Victor Darley-Usmar has been a professor in the department of Pathology for 13 years and the director of the Center for Free Radical Biology since 2006. After receiving his BSc and PhD in Biological Chemistry from the University of Essex, Colchester in Essex England, Dr. Darley-Usmar continued as a PostDoc at the University of Oregon.

Dr. Darley-Usmar supports his trainees and encourages them to support each other. This is evident during Graduate Student Research Days when he and the group from his lab come to a student's presentation, then move en masse to the next student's presentation. Afterwards, words of encouragement and support for the presenters can be heard from within the group outside in the hall.

The nomination committee received 13 letters chronicling Dr. Darley-Usmar's excellence in mentorship. One of his trainees wrote, " Dr. Darley-Usmar has an incredible ability to focus on each student's unique strength and magnify it to the fullest potential."