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Dr. Brian Geiger has been a UAB faculty member for 15 years and is a full professor in the department of Human Studies. Dr. Geiger received his BS in Psychology from Tulane University, an MS in School Guidance & Counseling from Loyola University and his EdD in Health Education Administration from the University of South Carolina. He has been the Assistant Director for the Center for Educational Accountability at UAB since 2001 and was recently given the 2009 Odessa Woolfolk Community Service Award.

Several of his trainees commented on Dr. Geiger's devotion to the success of his students. One trainee notes, "Dr. Geiger is committed to the overall development of his students. He is very supportive, understanding and patient. As my committee chair, Dr. Geiger has spent many hours guiding my research process and offering support. I have also seen his detailed attention and hours of devotion given to the work of my peers and their projects. He fosters progress, encourages academic scholarship as well as service learning, and provides thorough feedback. One of Dr. Geiger's best attributes is that he leads by example. He is well-respected among his peers and within the community. He requires his students to require more of themselves; excellence therefore becomes a standard, not the exception."