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Dr. Lesley Smythies is an Associate Professor the department of Gastroenterology. She received her BS in Biology from Kings College, London University, and her PhD in Physiology from Wye College, London University. She is currently the Co-Director for the Molecular Pathology Core, Mucosal HIV and Immunobiology Center here at UAB.

Dr. Smythies' trainees wrote about her approachable, easy-going nature, as well as her enthusiasm and encouragement in striving for excellence. One trainee wrote, "Lesley is truly dedicated to helping younger trainees or junior faculty like myselfsuccees with their scientific careers. In her calm and composed way, she will always find the time to discuss an important issue and provide guidance. She is, in fact, always willing to give up her time to help others solve problems or teach new methods. Her optimistic and benevolent outlook on life is a wonderful gift that she shares freely, and which will make big problems seem smaller, and difficult scientific set-backs appear as an opportunity for learning, not a sign of defeat."