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New Policy on Tuition Remission

FAQ Tuition Remission for Graduate Students

FAQ Tuition Remission for SOM

Nondegree Admission

You can take certain graduate courses by enrolling in the Graduate School as a non-degree-seeking student. However, not all courses are open to nondegree students, and if you later decide to work toward a degree, at most 12 semester hours taken while you were in the nondegree category can be counted toward a degree.

Any international student wishing to apply as a nondegree student must do the following: 1) submit online nondegree application; 2) please submit your visa status to the ISSS Office in order to verify eligibility for part time study (certain visa types are prohibited from part time study); and 3) submit evidence of bachelor's degree to the Graduate School, LHL G03, for approval.

Financial aid is NOT available to students who are categorized as nondegree seeking students.

The deadline for the nondegree application is 5:00 p.m. on the day one week prior to the beginning of classes.

Apply Online as a Nondegree Graduate Student
If the course(s) you want to take is available to nondegree students, you can create an account and fill out the non-degree-seeking application online.