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Medical Scientist Training Program (M.D., Ph.D.)

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Dr. Robin G. Lorenz


(205) 934-4092 or 934-0676


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Degree Requirements

UAB’s outstanding research and clinical training programs provide an unusual opportunity for students interested in careers in basic biomedical research. Such students may be admitted concurrently to the School of Medicine and the Graduate School in order to pursue both the M.D. degree and the Ph.D. degree. Ph.D. study in this program is available in the areas of biochemistry and structural biology; biomedical engineering; biostatistics; cancer biology; cell, molecular and developmental biology; epidemiology; genetics and genomic sciences; immunology; microbiology, neuroscience; nutrition sciences; pathobiology and molecular medicine; sociology; and vision science.

Individuals admitted to this highly competitive program must have excellent undergraduate academic records and MCAT scores. In addition, successful applicants must have demonstrated their commitment to a career pathway as an investigator with active participation in an original research project prior to admission. Fellowship support, including a stipend and payment of tuition and fees, is provided to successful applicants.

In general, M.D.-Ph.D. students will first complete the basic science phase of the medical curriculum and the core curriculum of the basic biomedical sciences designed for Ph.D. students simultaneously. The second phase of study will focus on completion of a dissertation research project leading to the Ph.D. degree. The final phase of the program is a series of clinical rotations and an abbreviated set of acting internships to complete the M.D. degree. Normally, the program involves about 8 years for completion, depending on the time required to complete the dissertation research.

Interested applicants must complete the standard AMCAS application to the UAB School of Medicine and a short supplementary application to the combined degree program. More information is available at

Students who have initiated study in the University of Alabama School of Medicine or the UAB Graduate School may also apply to the MD/PhD Program.  Please contact the MSTP Director for further information.