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UAB will celebrate Mentoring Week, Graduate Student Appreciation Week April 3-7

Mentorship Logo RGBUAB Graduate School and the Office of Postdoctoral Education will celebrate two important occasions in one special week this spring with interactive, informative and fun events all week long. Read more ...

CIRTL@UAB awards 12 scholarships, plans awards ceremony

cirtl logo sq 100x100Mark your Calendars for the 2017 CIRTL Awards Ceremony, April 24 @ 11 a.m. in the Hill Center Ballroom. Read more ...

Congratulations to UAB's excellent faculty mentors on 2017 award

Mentorship Logo RGBTwenty-eight faculty members will be honored with the 2017 UAB Graduate Dean’s Award for Excellence in Mentorship at an April 6 ceremony. Read more ...

Upcoming Events

Please be sure that all documents are in the Graduate School Office by the appropriate deadline. Please contact your department/program for deadline dates. You must apply online as a degree seeking or nondegree seeking student at


Degree Seeking Students: Submit a completed online application for admission and the non-refundable processing fee of $45 ($60 for international applications) with the following exceptions: $60 for domestic MBA/MaC applications, $75 for international MBA/MaC applications, $70 for domestic MSHA applications, $85 for international MSHA, $60 for domestic SOPH dual programs (MPH/MBA, MPH/MPA, MPH/MSN, MPH/MSW, MPH/JD, MPH/OD, MPH/PhD, MSPH/PhD, MPH/MD) applications and $75 for international SOPH dual programs (MPH/MBA, MPH/MPA, MPH/MSN, MPH/MSW, MPH/JD, MPH/OD, MPH/PhD, MSPH/PhD, MPH/MD) applications. All other SOPH programs should apply via SOPHAS at Applications and records will not be processed until the fee has been received. Applicants to any UAB graduate program are required to pay an application fee each time an application is filed, with the exception of domestic applicants to PhD programs since the application fee is waived. Applicants who have been denied admission and seek admission to the same or any other program at a later time will be required to pay the application fee.

  1. One official transcripts must be submitted from all institutions attended after high school. For transcripts to be considered official, they must be sent directly from the institutions Registrar's office to the Graduate School. Failure to disclose all course work and/or degrees will result in the admission certificate being rescinded. An official transcript showing degrees awarded and date awarded must be submitted. You do not have to submit your UAB transcript to the Graduate School if you attended UAB after 1982. If you attended UAB prior to 1982, you must have the UAB Registrar's Office send your transcript to the Graduate School as we will not be able to access it through the UAB system.

    International applicants must present a transcript/marksheet and degree statement which are the equivalent of a 4-year bachelor’s degree from the United States to be eligible for admission consideration.

    NOTE: The UAB Graduate School will accept official transcripts sent electronically through SCRIP-SAFE International. To see if an institution uses this method of delivery, please check the Members Directory located at (Please change the MEMBER TYPE setting to SENDING.) Transcripts which are sent to student email addresses will NOT be considered official.

  2. Determine the acceptable admission test(s) for the graduate program you wish to enter. The general Graduate School requirement is the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) General Test. However, for some programs other tests can be substituted for the GRE, and for other programs different tests are required. For information regarding the computerized GRE, call Sylvan Technology Center at (205) 871-7444 or 1-800-967-1100. The institution code for the UAB Graduate School is 1856. Please include this code in your test score request.

    • If you have already taken an acceptable test, write to the testing service and request that official scores be sent to the UAB Graduate School. Please note that score reporting usually takes about six weeks.
    • If you have not taken the appropriate test, contact the testing service or the testing office of the college nearest you for schedule and registration information. If taking the GRE or any other national test, please allow appropriate time for advance registration, plus six weeks for score-reporting.

    NOTE: ETS is revising the current GRE general test.  If you need GRE general test scores to be reported before November 2011, then you should take the current GRE general test before August 2011.  If tests are taken between August and November 2011, the score reporting will be delayed until mid-November, 2011.  Please contact ETS ( for more information. 

  3. Request evaluation forms to be sent by former instructors, employers, or other professionals who are competent to evaluate your potential to complete graduate study. Three (3) evaluation forms are required for each program with the exception of the MBA and MaC program which require no evaluation forms. The evaluation forms should be sent directly to the program to which you are applying if they are not submitted online through Apply Yourself.
  4. If your native language is not English, you must take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or IELTS and have the testing service (address below) send an official score report directly to the UAB Graduate School.
  5. If you are not a U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident and UAB has not committed financial support to you, you must also send us documentary evidence that you have other financial resources to meet your expenses while at UAB. Evidence can be in the form of a statement from a bank officer, affidavit of support sworn before an appropriate officer, etc. Until this is received, we cannot certify your visa eligibility.
  6. If you are not a U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident and you wish to transfer from another institution in the U.S., you must complete a Transfer Clearance Form for the International Scholar & Student Services Office in order to complete an immigration F-1 transfer to UAB. Click here for a pdf version of the Transfer Clearance Form or visit for more information.

Non-Degree Seeking Students: All nondegree online applications must be completed 48 hours prior to the time that you wish to register. Financial aid is not available for nondegree students.

  • For Business Administration and Accounting courses, contact the school of Business at 934-8815. Candidates interested in nondegree seeking admission must meet admission requirements for the MBA program. We will require a resume, copies of transcripts, and GMAT scores along with the application. We will acccept candidates with terminal degrees who have not taken the GMAT. The option to enter as nondegree seeking will be offered to candidates who miss the application deadline for applying to the MBA program but who submit all materials prior to the beginning of the term and meet admission requirements, provided that there are seats available.
  • For Public Administration courses, call 934-2339. Nondegree applications for these courses will not be processed in the Graduate School without written approval from the Department of Public Administration.
  • To register for graduate level courses, students admitted as nondegree students must obtain a permission override from the instructor/department which is entered into the UAB system prior to registration. The student will then register online through BlazerNet at
  • Nondegree students who would like to enroll in courses offered by the School of Education may obtain advising in the School of Education Building, Room 100, or by calling 934-7530.
  • Any international student wishing to apply as a non-degree student must do the following: 1) contact Barbara Jackson ( for permission to enroll as a non-degree seeking student, 2) if granted approval, submit the non-degree seeking application and $40 fee online, and 3) submit evidence of your foreign bachelor's degree (i.e. the official degree statement and official transcript) to the Graduate School, LHL 103, for approval

Testing Services

Graduate Record Examinations

Educational Testing Service (ETS)
P. O. Box 6000
Princeton, NJ 08541-6000, USA
(609) 771-7670
(609) 771-7150 (TDD--Telecommunications Device for the Hearing Impaired)

Graduate Management Admission Test Educational Testing Service
(800) 717-4628
(952) 681-3681(fax) (Email)

Miller Analogies Test
The Psychological Corporation
555 Academic Court
San Antonio, TX 78204-2498, USA
(512) 921-8866

Test of English as a Foreign Language/TSE Services
P. O. Box 6151
Princeton, NJ 08541-6151, USA
(609) 951-1100
(609) 771-7150 (TDD)


NOTE: Students who live in the Birmingham area may pick up GRE and GMAT test information booklets in the UAB Testing Office (936 19th Street South). For information on any of these tests, students should contact the Testing office (205) 934-3704.