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Education: General Information

General Information

UAB's programs in education are fully approved by and the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education.  Teacher certification programs within the School of Education have been approved by the Alabama State Board of Education. There are 13 graduate majors in the area of education; these are described in sections arranged alphabetically following this general information section. 

Degrees and Certificates

Degrees are awarded by UAB in recognition of scholastic achievement and may be pursued for their own sake. However, employment in the public schools is governed not by the degree but by the professional certificate issued by the Alabama State Department of Education (ALSDE). Since many students in these programs are preparing for work in the public schools, the pursuit of a degree is usually coupled with pursuit of SDE certification. There is a rough correspondence between degree level and certification class, as follows:

Degree Level          

Certification Class





Specialist (post-master's)     



No Equivalent

In spite of this correspondence, we emphasize that the admission and completion requirements for the degree and for the certificate are often significantly different. Furthermore, not all education students are pursuing SDE certification. Students seeking certification should verify requirements with an advisor or program director.  State regulations governing certification change often; therefore, it is incumbent upon the student to seek advisement each term.  Students should not register for any coursework without having first met with an advisor.