Graduate School Leadership 

Lori L. McMahon, Ph.D.

Dean, UAB Graduate School
Jarman F. Lowder Professor of Neuroscience
Director, Comprehensive Neuroscience Center
Co-Director, Roadmap Scholars Program | (205) 975-8852 | LHL G03P 0013

Daniel C. Bullard, Ph.D.

Interim Associate Dean, Graduate School
Professor, Department of Genetics
Director, Genetics, Genomics, and Bioinformatics Graduate Program | 205-934-7768 | KHGB 602B-0024

Jeffrey A. Engler, Ph.D.

Associate Dean; Graduate School
Director, CIRTL@UAB
Director, UAB PREP Scholars Program | (205) 934-4734 | LHL G03-N 0013

David Schneider, Ph.D.

Associate Dean, Graduate Biomedical Sciences
Associate Professor, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics | (205) 934-2845 | SHEL 120 2182

Lisa Schwiebert, Ph.D.

Associate Dean for Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs
Professor, Department of Cell, Developmental, and Integrative Biology
Director, Mentored Experiences in Research, Instruction, and Teaching (MERIT) Program | (205) 934-3970 | LHL G03 0013

Graduate School Office 

Cynthia Ballinger, M.B.A.

Business Officer II | (205) 975-7188 | LHL G03-J 0013

Human resources, finances

Ciara B Duncan

Office Services Specialist III | 205.996.6355 | LHL GO3

Processes graduate applications

Thomas Harris

Executive Assistant I | (205) 996-4062 | LHL G03-A2 0013

Administrative support for the Graduate School Dean and UAB PREP Scholars Program.

Holly Hebard, M.S., NCC

Director of Student and Academic Services | (205) 996-5696 | LHL G03 0013

Oversee the Graduate School Admissions team, as well as handle residency reclassification, appeals, and other student services

Marla Jones

Program Administrator II | (205) 996-2583 | LHL G03-C 0013

Applications for Degree or Certificate (Graduation), Diploma Orders, Transfer of Graduate Credit

Julie McKinney, M.A.

Communications and Events Specialist | (205) 975-6539 | LHL G03 0013

Coordinates Doctoral Hooding Ceremony, Graduate Student Research Days, Graduate Student Research Exchange, Dean's Award for Excellence in Mentorship, Barker Awards. Manages Graduate School blog and social media.

Lori Naramore

Office Associate II | (205) 996-4061 | LHL G03-C1 0013

Processing graduate student committees, admissions to candidacy and graduate faculty paperwork, Professional Development Department support

Dawn Ribe

Office Services Specialist III | (205) 934-8227 | LHL G03-A1 0013

Graduate Admissions

Penny Seals, M.A.

Coordinator Student Admissions and Records | (205) 934-0656 | LHL G03-A1 0013

Graduate Admissions

Professional Development Program 

Kellie Carter, Ph.D.

Director of Mentoring and Leadership Certificate Program
Director of Professional Development Program
| (205) 975-8724 | LHL G03-G 0013

Oversees Professional Development Program, Director of Mentoring and Leadership Certificate Program

Nancy G. Abney, M.A. TESOL

Program Manager I: Professional Development Program | (205) 934-8129 | LHL G03-D1 0013

Teaching Assistant and future faculty training; CIRTL teaching certificates

Jeff D. Walker, Ph.D.

Lead Academic Writing and Communications Instructor | (205) 934-8227 | LHL G03-D1 0013

Graduate Biomedical Sciences Office

Nicole Cross

Program Manager I, Immunology and Microbiology Program | (205) 934-3857 | SHEL 120-A 2182

Manages, recruits and performs administrative tasks for the Immunology and Microbiology themes.

Darrell Curtis Jones, M.B.A.

Financial Officer I | (205) 996-7485 | LHL G03-D 0013

Assists with various aspects of finances for the Graduate School Office, the Graduate Biomedical Sciences Office, the Graduate Student Government, and graduate student groups.

Patricia Matthews

Program Manager I, Cancer Biology and Neuroscience Program | (205) 934-7034 | SHEL 120-C 2182

Manages, recruits and performs administrative tasks for the Cancer Biology and Neuroscience biomedical themes.

Savitha Memula

Data Processing Specialist II, Biomedical Training Data Service | (205) 996-9798 | SHEL 121-B 2182

Provides data support for NIH training grants, institutional reports and GBS office.

Felita Milon, M.S.A

Program Manager I, Pathobiology and Molecular Medicine and Biochemistry, Structural and Stem Cell Biology | (205) 934-7810 | SHEL 120 2182

Manages, recruits and performs administrative tasks for the Pathobiology and Molecular Medicine and Biochemistry, Structural and Stem Cell Biology themes.

Nan Travis

Program Administrator II, Cell, Molecular & Developmental Biology and Genetics & Genomic Sciences | (205) 934-1033 | SHEL 120-B 2182

Manages, recruits and performs administrative tasks for the Cell, Molecular & Developmental Biology and Genetics & Genomics biomedical themes.

Jasmine Williams

Office Associate II, Graduate Biomedical Sciences | (205) 996-6752 | SHEL 120 2182

General administrative support for Graduate Biomedical Sciences office.


Graduate School - Office of Postdoctoral Education 

Jami K Armbrester, M.S.

Doctoral Career Services | (205) 934-6809 | SHEL 171-A 2182

Susan Eades

Administrative Associate | (205) 975-7021 | SHEL 171-2182

Linda Luck

Program Manager I | (205) 975-7020 | SHEL 171-C 2182

Administrative support for current and potential postdocs, faculty mentors, and department administrators including recruitment, monitoring the centralized hiring process, database, financial statements, and coordination of professional development events