Currently, the Graduate School administers doctoral programs in 38 areas and master's level programs in 47 areas, with additional programs planned for future implementation. A particular strength of the school is its many programs that unite different disciplines and cross departmental and school lines.

Graduate Council

The Graduate Council Advisory Committee has developed policies and procedures to ensure that high standards for graduate study are maintained at UAB. These policies and procedures, available at the Graduate School’s Web site,, are the joint responsibility of the Graduate Council and the Dean of the Graduate School.

The Graduate Council Advisory Committee, through consultation with the Dean, is responsible for developing academic requirements and describing these requirements through appropriate policies. The Dean, through consultation with the Graduate Council, is responsible for developing procedures that effectively enforce academic requirements and implement policies.

The Advisory Committee annually reviews academic requirements, policies, procedures, and Graduate School activities and recommends appropriate changes. Changes in academic requirements and related policies require a majority vote of the Advisory Committee.

Graduate Student Association

UAB graduate students are represented by the Graduate Student Association (GSA), which works closely with the Graduate School and other offices of the university administration in formulating policies and meeting student needs. All graduate students are automatically members of the GSA, and the GSA Senate is composed of student representatives from the various graduate programs. The GSA provides partial funding for graduate student travel to academic meetings. The organization cosponsors a variety of services and activities, including the Honors Convocation, Graduate Student Research Days, Graduate Student Orientation, and the GSA Emergency Loan Fund. Information on travel grants may be obtained on the GSA Web site (

Black Graduate Student Association

The Black Graduate Student Association (BGSA) was founded in 1993. The BGSA sponsors social events, informational sessions on topics of interest, community services, and an annual conference. For detailed information about the BGSA, visit the Web site at (

Graduate Carreer Awareness and Trends

The UAB Graduate Carreer Awareness and Trends, sponsored by the UAB Graduate School, is a student-initiated and student-run informal discussion group open to all graduate students and dedicated to fostering a greater awareness of career opportunities outside academia.

Its goals are to provide a forum for networking with industry representatives; establish an interface between academia and industry; introduce students to the process of making industry contacts; encourage students to comment, ask questions, and seek advice from nonacademics; stimulate students to begin career development early in their educational experience; and provide information to students about alternative career opportunities. The Web site ( has more information.

Graduate Student Research Days

Graduate Student Research Days is an annual competition in which graduate students present their original research in an open forum. Deadlines for Research Days are announced in the fall semester and are available at the Graduate Student Research Days web site, ( Awards are presented at a luncheon ceremony each spring semester.

Graduate School News

Student Spotlight- Benjamin Owusu

Benjamin Owusu Student Spotlight Portrait 2Benjamin Owusu has been very busy during his time as a doctoral student at UAB. Read about all he has accomplished and why he is so deserving of being in the Graduate School's "Student Spotlight".  Read more ...

Exploring the mystery of bacteria that cause cavities and their role in overall human health

Stephanie Momeni squareStephanie Momeni, a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Biology at UAB, seeks to understand whether we can identify those strains of bacteria associated with tooth decay and whether we can determine how and when they are acquired. Read more ...

Are older adults receiving acute stroke treatment?

Karen Albright squareKaren Albright, DO, MPH, a Ph.D. student in the Department of Epidemiology, found that while older adults (aged 65+) accounted for 68 percent of ischemic stroke discharges at hospitals across the U.S., they only make up approximately half of the stroke patients receiving acute treatment. Read more ...
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