1. Who helps me decide which courses to take?

Some graduate programs have a mandatory core curriculum. Your advisor or graduate program director will advise you about courses. Make an appointment to see your advisor or graduate program director as soon as possible. All student advising is offered through each academic department; The Graduate School does not provide academic advising services.

2. If I was admitted on a contingency, how do I resolve this issue?

Graduate students admitted on contingency have until the end of the first enrolled semester to resolve any contingencies. Official transcripts, official test scores, official degree statements, required course completion, etc. are examples of contingencies that must be resolved before the end of the first enrolled semester. If the contingency is not resolved by the end of the first enrolled semester, a hold will be put on your registration until the contingency is resolved; this means that you will not be able to register for courses your second semester.

3. What happens if I am dismissed/suspended from the Graduate School?

To be readmitted, applicants must present convincing evidence to the faculty and the Graduate School dean that a substantial improvement has occurred so that it is probable that the applicant can now perform at the required level in graduate work.

4. What are important deadlines I need to know regarding graduation?

Please visit the Graduate School website for information regarding deadlines, http://www.uab.edu/graduate/deadline-dates 

5. Why am I being charged for health insurance?

Participation in the Health Insurance Program is required for all international students; for students in the Schools of Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing, Optometry, Health Related Professions, Public Health, and students in the following programs: Engineering, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Psychology. The only exception is for a student in these areas to submit a waiver to Student Health and show proof of health insurance. Contact Student Health Services at 205-934-3580.

6. How can I become eligible for in-state tuition?

To be eligible for in-state tuition, you must meet the residency requirements and complete the Application for Residency Reclassification, including attaching a personal statement and all documentary evidence. The documentary evidence should substantiate information contained in your personal statement and your responses to the questions in the application.

7. I want to change my program. What do I do?

First, consult your current program director regarding the possibility of changing to a different graduate program. If you are still interested in changing programs, speak with the desired program to determine if you are eligible. If you are eligible, complete and submit the Change of Graduate Program form to the UAB Graduate School.

8. How do I change my personal contact information?

If you need to update your address or phone number you can either bring your photo identification and visit One Stop Student Services in Blazer Hall at 920 16th Street South or update it through BlazerNET.  Please note that permanent address changes cannot be made online through BlazerNET, this must be completed through the One Stop Student Services.

If you need to change your name, you must also bring your marriage certificate or court order to Registration/Academic Records with your photo ID. You cannot change your name through BlazerNET.

9. Where do I park?

You must have a parking permit to park in campus lots. Visit the UAB Parking & Transportation website for information about purchasing a parking permit and a campus map of student lots. 

10. Where are my classes being held?

Class times, buildings, and room numbers are posted in BlazerNET. Follow the "Registration" tab to the "Look Up Classes" link. A campus map is available at uab.edu/map

11. What are tuition and fee rates?

Tuition and fee rates are subject to change each semester. For a current list of tuition and fee rates visit uab.edu/whentopay.

12. When do classes begin?

The Academic Calendar shows deadlines set by the university, including when classes begin, payment deadlines, and final exam schedules.

13. How do I check out materials from the libraries?

Students, faculty, and staff with a valid UAB identification card or CampusCard may check out items from campus libraries, including electronic journals and e-books via online access. Additionally, discipline-specific reference librarians are available to help students locate materials for research. For more information on Mervyn Sterne and Lister Hill Libraries, click the following link: http://www.uab.edu/home/uablibraries

14. Aside from financial aid, are there other ways to pay for tuition and fees?

Many graduate programs offer stipends, fellowships, and assistantships. For more information, contact your program director.

15. How many hours constitute full time graduate status?

9 semester hours.

16. How many hours constitute part time graduate status?

5 semester hours.

17. Can I transfer courses from another university?

Previously earned graduate credit that has not been applied toward another degree (either at UAB or elsewhere) is eligible for transfer into the student's current degree program. (Ordinarily no more than 12 semester hours of transfer credit can be applied to a degree program.) All transfers must be initiated by the student and require the approval of the graduate program director and the Graduate School Dean. An application for transfer of credit will not be considered until the student has completed at least 9 semester hours of graduate credit in the current UAB program and is in good academic standing. Once transfer credit has been accepted, it will be included in the calculation of the grade point average in the student's current UAB program. Graduate credit earned with a grade of B or above while a graduate student is in another accredited graduate school may be considered for transfer. For more information regarding Transfer of Credit, read the UAB Graduate Student Handbook.

18. Where do I get an enrollment verification letter?

Enrollment verifications are provided by National Student Clearinghouse and by the One Stop Student Services located in Blazer Hall at 920 16th Street South (phone 205-934-4300). See more details on how to request an enrollment verification.

19. Can I audit graduate level courses?

Graduate students may audit courses available for graduate credit with the permission of the instructor and payment of appropriate fees. This approval must be secured before registration. Courses taken for audit credit may not be counted toward the hours required for full-time status. Provided the instructor's requirements are met, the course will appear on the transcript with the notation AU. Fill out a Permission to Audit Graduate Level Coursework form.

20. Can I repeat graduate level courses?

Graduate students may be allowed to repeat courses for graduate credit with the permission of the graduate advisor and graduate program director. All courses taken and all grades earned are permanently recorded on the student's transcript. The first time a student repeats a course, she or he receives the grade earned for the second attempt. If a course is taken three or more times, all grades after the first are counted. The Graduate School Records Office must be notified of the repeat at the time of registration because the calculation using the repeat grade is not automatic. Some graduate programs may not allow the Repeated Course policy. Check with your advisor to make sure your program has a repeat policy. Note: Many graduate programs also base retention decisions on programmatic guidelines and not on grade point average.

21. Where can I get immunizations?

UAB Student Health offers immunizations. For more information, please contact Student Health. Also, graduate students can get immunizations at the Jefferson County Health Department or through their personal physician.

22. If I live on campus, what safety precautions has UAB put in place?

The UAB Escort Service is available after dark to accompany students, faculty, and staff to any on-campus destination. UAB Housing and Residential Life has security procedures in place for on-campus residents. Visit the website, https://www.uab.edu/parking/, for more information.

24. Where can I find a campus map?

A current campus map can be found at uab.edu/map.

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