Definitions of Graduate Faculty Categories



Regular Graduate Faculty membership is an extension of an individual’s basic UAB academic appointments. In other words, individuals are not appointed exclusively to the Graduate Faculty; they are appointed to faculty positions in UAB departments, and, if appropriate, their appointments are extended to include membership on the Graduate Faculty.

Regular Graduate Faculty membership is reserved for faculty members who are fully involved in graduate student training. This includes teaching (regularly) graduate level courses and serving (more than occasionally) on graduate student committees. Full Graduate Faculty members also serve as graduate student advisors and chair graduate student committees.

To qualify for regular Graduate Faculty membership, an individual must hold the terminal degree in his or her field, and must hold a basic UAB faculty appointment with the rank of (in most cases) assistant professor or above (in some cases, instructors who have doctoral degrees and who are expected to maintain long-term involvement in graduate education are granted regular Graduate Faculty membership).

Adjunct Graduate Faculty membership is granted as an extension of an individual’s adjunct faculty appointment in a UAB department. Usually, adjunct faculty members are off-campus individuals whose primary work or practice is elsewhere but who maintain a UAB faculty appointment.

Ad Hoc Graduate Faculty membership is a status granted to individuals who are only peripherally or occasionally involved in graduate student training. Ad Hoc Graduate Faculty members serve occasionally on graduate student committees, or teach an occasional graduate level course, etc. They do not serve as graduate student advisors and cannot chair graduate student committees. It is not absolutely essential that an individual be a UAB faculty member in order to serve as an Ad Hoc Graduate Faculty member of a student committee.