Searchable List of Programs by School/Research Area

College of Arts and Sciences

Anthropology (M.A.*)
Program Director: Dr. Loretta Cormier

Art History (M.A.*)
Program Director: Dr. Cathleen Cummings

Biology (Ph.D., M.S.)
Program Director: Dr. Stephen Watts

Chemistry (Ph.D., M.S)
Program Director: Dr. Aaron Lucius

Communication Management (M.A.)
Program Director: Dr. Jonathan Amsbary

Computer and Information Sciences (Ph.D., M.S.)
The following are a part of this category:
Bioinformatics (CERT)
Computer Forensics (CERT)
     Program Director: Dr. Chengcui Zhang

Computer Forensics and Security Management (MS)
Program Directors: Dr. Nitesh Saxena; Dr. John Sloan; Dr. Allen Johnston

Criminal Justice (M.S.C.J.)
Program Director: Dr. Heith Copes

English (M.A.)
Program Director: Dr. Kyle Grimes

Forensic Science (M.S.F.S.)
Program Director: Dr. Elizabeth Gardner

History (M.A.)
Program Director: Dr. Andrew Keitt

Mathematics (M.S.)
Program Director: Dr. Yulia Karpechina

Mathematics, Applied (Ph.D.*)
Program Director: Dr. Yulia Karphechina

Physics (Ph.D., M.S.)
Program Director: Dr. Mary Ellen Zvanut

Psychology (Ph.D.)
The following are a part of this category:
Behavioral NeurosciencePsychology
     Program Director: Dr. Franklin Amthor
Developmental Psychology
     Program Director: Dr. Fred Biasini
Medical/Clinical Psychology
     Program Director: Dr. Edwin Cook III

Public Administration (M.P.A.)
The following are a part of this category:
Non-Profit Management (CERT)
     Program Director: Dr. Akhlaque Haque

Sociology (M.A. - Online Professional)
Program Director: Dr. Cullen Clark

Medical Sociology (Ph.D.)
Program Director: Dr. Patricia Drentea

Biomedical Sciences: Interdisciplinary Themes

Biochemistry, Structural and Stem Cell Biology
Program Director: David Schneider; Dr. Thomas Ryan

Cancer Biology
Program Directors: Dr. Theresa Strong; Dr. Lalita Chevde-Samant

Cell, Molecular, and Developmental Biology
Program Directors: Dr. Brad Yoder; Dr. Alecia Gross

Genetics, Genomics, and Bioinformatics
Program Director: Dr. Dan Bullard; Dr. Kai Jiao

Program Directors: Dr. Lou Justement; Dr. Laurie Harrington; Dr. Chris Klug

Program Director: Dr. Janet Yother

Program Director: Dr. Tara DeSilva; Dr. Rita Cowell; Dr. Karen Gamble

Pathobiology and Molecular Medicine
Program Directors: Dr. Michelle Fanucchi; Dr. Rakesh Patel


Accounting (M.Ac.)
Program Director: Dr. James Byrd

Business Administration (M.B.A.)
Program Director: Dr. Kenneth Miller

Graduate Certificate in Social Media
Program Director: Dr. Molly Wasko

Graduate Certificate in Technology Commercialization and Entrepreneurship
Program Director: Dr. Doug Ayers

Management of Information Systems (MS)
Program Director: Dr. Allen Johnston


Dentistry (M.S.)
Program Director: Dr. Amjad Javed

DMD/PhD Program
Program Director: Dr. Steve Filler


Education: Curriculum and Instruction
     Department Chair: Dr. Lynn Kirkland
The following are a part of this category:
Arts Education (M.A.Ed.)
     Program Coordinator: Dr. Susan Spezzini
Collaborative Special Education: Autism Spectrum Disorder (EDS)
     Program Coordinator: Dr. Lynn Kirkland
Early Childhood Education (Ph.D., Ed.S., M.A.Ed.)
     Program Coordinator: Dr. Kay Emfinger
Elementary Education (Ed.S., M.A.Ed.)
     Program Coordinator: Dr. Kay Emfinger
English as a Second Language (Ed.S., M.A.Ed.)
     Program Coordinator: Dr. Lynn Kirkland, Dr. Susan Spezzini
Secondary and Middle School Education (Ed.S., M.A.Ed.)
     Program Coordinator: Dr. Susan Spezzini
Reading Education (M.A.Ed.)
     Program Coordinator: Dr. Lynn Kirkland
School Psychometry (CERT)
     Program Coordinator: Dr. Stephanie Corcoran
Special Education (Ed.S., M.A.Ed.)
     Program Coordinator: Dr. Kay Emfinger, Dr. Diane Pevsner
Teacher Leader Education
     Program Coordinator: Dr. Lynn Kirkland

Education: Human Studies
     Department Chair: Dr. Kristi Menear
The following are a part of this category:
Community Health and Human Services (M.A.E.)
     Program Coordinator: Dr. Retta Evans
Counseling: Clinical Mental Health or School (M.A.C.N.)
     Program Coordinator: Dr. Larry Tyson
Educational Leadership (Ed.D., E.D.S, M.A.Ed.)
     Program Coordinator: Dr. Keith Gurley
Health Education and Health Promotion (Ph.D.)
     Program Coordinator: Dr. Retta Evans
Kinesiology (Ed.S., M.S.)
     Program Coordinators: Dr. Sandra Sims; Dr. Jane Roy
     Program Coordinator: Dr. Melanie Shores
     Program Coordinator: Dr. Tondra Loder-Jackson


Biomedical Engineering (Ph.D., M.S.B.M.E.)
Program Director: Dr. Vladimir Fast

Civil Engineering (M.S.C.E., Ph.D.*)
Program Director: Dr. Robert Peters

Construction Engineering Graduate Certificate
Environmental Engineering Graduate Certificate
Geotechnical Engineering Graduate Certificate
Structural Engineering Graduate Certificate
Sustainable Engineering Graduate Certificate
Transportation Engineering Graduate Certificate

Computer Engineering (Ph.D.*)
Program Director: Dr. Karthikeyan Lingasubramanian

Electrical Engineering (Ph.D.*, M.S.E.E.)
Program Director: Dr. Karthikeyan Lingasubramanian

Electrical Power Systems Graduate Certificate

Interdisciplinary Engineering (Ph.D)
Program Director: Dr. David Littlefield

Master of Engineering: Advanced Safety Engineering and Management (MEng)
Program Director: Dr. Martha Bidez

Master of Engineering: Construction Engineering Management (M.Eng.)
Program Director: Dr. Wilbur Hitchcock

Master of Engineering: Design and Commercialization (M.Eng.)
Program Director: Dr. Alan Eberhardt

Master of Engineering: Information Engineering Management (M.Eng.)
Program Director: Dr. Dale Callahan

Master of Engineering: Structural Engineering (M.Eng.)
Program Director: Dr. Wilbur Hitchcock

Materials Engineering (Ph.D., M.S.Mt.E.)
Program Director: Dr. Uday Vaidya

Mechanical Engineering (M.S.M.E.)
Program Director: Dr. David Littlefield

Leonardo Art & Engineering Graduate Certificate
Program Director: Dr. David Littlefield


Health Professions

Administration Health Services (DSc., Ph.D.)
Program Director: Dr. Bob Hernandez

Biomedical and Health Sciences (M.S.)
Program Directors: William S. Brooks and Ms. Kara Caruthers

Biotechnology (M.S.)
Program Director: (Interim) Dr. Tino Unlap

Clinical Laboratory Sciences (M.S.)
Program Director (Professional Entry): Dr. Floyd Josephat

Genetic Counseling (M.S.)
Program Director: (Interim) Mrs. Christina Hurst

Health Administration (M.S.H.A.)
Program Director: Randa Hall

Health Focused Patient/Client Management for Physical and Occupational Therapists
Program Director: Dr. Cecilia Graham

Health Informatics (M.S.H.I.)
Program Director: Amanda Dorsey

Healthcare Quality and Safety (M.S., Certificate)
Program Director: Dr. Deirdre McCaughey, Lakesha Kinnerson

Nutrition Sciences (Ph.D., M.S.)
Program Director (PhD): Dr. Timothy Nagy
Program Directors (MS / Dietetic Internship): Dr. Brenda Bertrand

Occupational Therapy (M.S.) *
Program Director (MS) / Entry Level: Dr. Gavin Jenkins
Program Director (Low Vision Rehab Certificate): Mary Warren
Program Director (Post Professional): Dr. Laura Vogtle

Physical Therapy (DPT)
Program Directors: Dr. Diane Clark; Dr. David Morris

Rehabilitation Science (Ph.D.)
Program Director: Dr. David Brown

Physician Assistant Studies (M.S.P.A.S.)
Program Director: Dr. James Kilgore


Program Director: Dr. Patricia Sawyer

Medical Scientist Training Program (M.D., Ph.D.)
Program Director: Dr. Robin Lorenz


Nursing (Ph.D.)
Program Coordinator: Dr. Patricia Heaton
Program Directors: Dr. Linda Moneyham; Dr. Karen Meneses

Nursing (M.S.N.; AMNP)
Program Director: Ms. Michele Talley

Nursing (D.N.P)
Program Director: Dr. Linda Roussel

Nurse Anesthesia (M.S.N)
Program Director: Dr. Susan McMullan

Nurse (A.M.N.P.)
Program Director: Dr. Jennan Phillips


Vision Science (M.S., Ph.D.)
Program Director: Dr. Michael Twa

Public Health

Public Health (including M.P.H., M.S.P.H., and Dr.P.H.)

Biostatistics (Ph.D., M.S., M.S.P.H., M.P.H.)
Program Director: Dr. Nianjun Liu

Environmental Health Sciences (Ph.D.)
Program Director: Dr. Dale Dickinson

Epidemiology (Ph.D.)
Program Director: Dr. Sadeep Shrestha

Health Behavior (M.P.H)
Program Director: Dr. Robin Lanzi

Health Education/Health Promotion (Ph.D.)
Program Director: Dr. Robin Lanzi

Health Care Organization & Policy
Program Director: Dr. Meredith Kilgore

Graduate School

Graduate School Professional Development Program
Program Director: Dr. Kellie Carter