GRD 721
Academic Interactions

3 credit hours
Contact: Jonghee Shadix, Instructor (

Designed for international students and employees.  Interact confidently and effectively whether speaking to one person or to a group.  Explore situations ranging from simple to complex, including meetings, presentations, social events, and job interviews. Spring, Summer, and Fall. 3 credit hours. Pass/No-Pass.

GRD 730
Developing Your Professional Image

3 credit hours
Contact: Alan Corbin, Instructor (

Multi-theme course designed to raise students' awareness of their professional image - how they communicate, dress and deport themselves - and to guide them in developing, polishing and protecting that image.  For U.S. and international students and employees. Spring, Summer, and Fall. 3 credit hours. Pass/No-Pass.

GRD 711
Advanced Conversation

3 credit hours

Advanced conversation for internationals. Polish your conversation skills while discussing an array of contemporary issues and timeless themes. Pass/No-Pass course. Designed primarily for international students, except with permission of instructor. Questions? Contact Alan Corbin (