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Fall 2015 Schedule
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Summer 2014 Schedule
Spring 2014 Schedule
Get a Summer Upgrade in Research Writing: Course for 5th Year Masters & New Researchers
Spring 2014 Schedule
Summer 2013 Schedule
Writing Up Research: Course for 5th Year Masters & New Researchers
Spring 2013 Schedule
Get Ready for the Real Work World
Fall 2012 Schedule
Summer 2012
Advanced Conversation (GRD 711)
Speaking and Presentation
Professional Development Program
Spring 2012 Schedule
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Professional Development Courses
Academic Writing (GRD 726, 727, 728, 729)
Speaking & Presentation (GRD 721 & 730)
Research Writing and Style (GRD 712)
Developing a Teaching Portfolio (GRD 716)
Principles of Scientific Integrity (GRD 717)
Teaching at the College Level and Beyond (GRD 705)
Pronunciation (GRD 714, 724, 725)
Presentation and Discussion Skills (GRD 701)
GRD Course-Related Articles
Writing and Publishing Research: Learn from the Pros
Graduate Nursing Students Get Online Writing Help
Academic and Career Support for Graduate Students: UAB Professional Development Program
The Importance of Developing a Teaching Portfolio in GRD 716
International Students Acquire Keys to Writing Success
Publish or Perish? UAB Helps Research Writers Succeed
Write A Journal Article in 12 Weeks: New Course Helps Researchers Boost Productivity
Be Your Own Professional Coach: New Course Helps Grad Students Upgrade Image
Work Smarter, Not Harder, This Fall
Turning 20: The UAB Graduate School's Professional Development Program
Professional Development Workshops
Special Topics (GRD 711)
Career Workshop (GRD 710)
Writing Fellowships (GRD 709)
Writing Successfully (GRD 708)
Presenting Effectively (GRD 707)
Grants and Fellowships 101 (GRD 706)
Academic English for Internationals
Academic English Courses
Research Writing & Style (GRD 726)
Writing & Reviewing Research (GRD 727)
Academic Interactions (GRD 721)
Developing Your Professional Image (GRD 730)
Professional Writing & Publishing (GRD 728)
Pronunciation (GRD 724, 725)
Pronunciation and Intelligibility Improvement Classes
Academic Writing Courses
Oral Communication
Presentation and Teaching
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