As research moves into undergraduate courses, college seniors need more strategies and skills for writing up and disseminating results. The same is true for 5th Year Master’s students who are expected to arrive in programs research-ready. To address these student needs and those of other beginning researchers, the UAB Graduate School has revamped one of its elective writing courses, GRD 726, Introduction to Research Writing & Style. “This newly designed course is an ideal introduction to (or review of) fundamental strategies and skills for writing up research,” says Dr. Jennifer Greer, Lead Instructor for Academic and Research Writing in the Professional Development Program.  “We think GRD 726 will appeal to students who are conducting research for the first time, who want to get their results out there, but who currently have little experience presenting and publishing.”

The course features strategies for crafting the essential elements of academic texts – the problem-solution text, the general-to-specific introduction, and data commentary (research results) – as well as a review of academic language and style and the criteria for evaluating superior academic writing. “Students practice constructing short but essential texts to gain the skills and confidence to write up results for conference abstracts, posters, papers, and honors and master’s theses,” explains Amy Badham, course instructor.  GRD 726 is a 3-credit hour, pass-no pass course offered for students looking for electives to meet their instructional needs. It is taught this summer, June 3 to August 8, on Wednesdays from 3 to 6 p.m. Students can register on BlazerNet now. For more information, email Ms. Badham at, or Dr. Jennifer L. Greer at